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We will be using our blog to let you know all about our fantastic special offers and to give you some more in depth information about our wide range of pet products (7000+ and counting). There will be room for some fun pet stories as well of course!

We look forward to reading your comments and to hearing your views on the zooplus range and what you would like to see on our ‘shelves’ in future.

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    • Hello, Our anti-bark training aids are mainly spray collars. The Innotek Anti-Bark Collar works by expelling a short jet of air when it senses your dog barking. These can be very effective if you have just one dog that is barking due to boredom or excitability. If you think your dog is barking because of stress, e.g. separation anxiety, a D.A.P. Collar may be a better option – these release doggy pheromones which make dogs feel safe and relaxed. Good luck with the training!

  1. I am looking for light weight coats for my 3 Tibetan Terriers. I have previously bought pac a yap macs but I understand they are being discontinued and the sizes are only up to 20″ (I could do with a 24/26″. I buy 10″, 14″ and 16″ too!
    I love the design and colours and wondered if you had any ideas.
    I really want something that covers chests and tummies and it seems that lots of people struggle to find similar products that are light weight showerproof and cover chests and tums.

  2. Linking up ‘Living World Green Eco Habitats’ for guinea pigs to share the space.

    I’ve seen a few pics on the Zooplus site where people have linked up ‘Living World Green Eco Habitats’ but left the adjoining wall open-like these

    I cannot however get assembly information from the manufacturers (due to invalidating the warranty) to establish how this can be done (safely).

    Has anyone done this and happy to share their handy-work?

    Many thanks.

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