Create Cat-Friendly Spaces around your Home!

No matter what size home you live in, these clever beds, posts and lookouts will instantly increase space for your cat to relax.

1. Natural Paradise Scratching Post – XXL

This super sized scratching post standing at 219cm tall has three wooden platforms with washable beds. Attachable to the wall for extra stability, it’s just like a tree but inside!



2. Felt Cat Den

This cosy felt cat den is the perfect fit for a shelf, providing a haven high above the rest of the world. Placed inside are washable cushions, providing super comfort in this innovative hideaway!



3. Wall-Mounted Cat Den

This cat den with a plush cover and sisal scratch surface is excellent for snoozing or sharpening claws. Attachable to the wall, it provides a perfect lookout spot (depending on level of snooze).



4. Trixie Plush Wall-Mounted Cat Bed – Beige

This comfy cat bed makes the perfect chilling station. Attachable to the wall, this bed can be a great place to take some time out.



5. Karlie Window Bed

This window bed offers your cat a cosy place to snooze with a great view! The suction pads stick easily to windows or other smooth surfaces – the perfect bed for a curious kitty.




If you haven’t spotted anything that takes your fancy here, check out our whole range of cat beds and baskets above!


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