Top Tips and Products to keep your Pet cool this Summer

With all this wonderful weather we have been having, it’s important to remember that pets need to be kept cool too! Below are some top tips on keeping your dogs and cats safe in the heat…


☀ Make sure that your furry friend always has access to clean water

  ☀NEVER leave your dog alone in a car, even if you have the windows open – just don’t do it!

☀ Try to walk your dog at the coolest times of the day – early morning and late evening

☀ Make sure you are aware of the signs of overheating whilst on a walk – if you notice your dog heavily panting or becoming lethargic, make sure that you find a shady place to cool off and drink some water

☀ Freezing your dogs favourite snacks make great cooling treats

☀ A dog paddling pool provides is a perfect place for your dog to cool off in the garden



☀ Similarly to dogs, make sure that your cat always has access to clean water

☀ Try and provide your cat with extra shade both inside and out in the garden

☀ Watch out for signs of overheating, these include heavy-panting and lethargy, if you spot this make sure that your cat drinks some water straight away

 ☀ If these symptoms continue or get worse and are accompanied by rapid breathing, drooling or vomiting, this could be heatstroke, so contact your vet immediately

☀ Make sure that your cat doesn’t get trapped in hot rooms or spaces like greenhouses

☀ Make sure that your cat is groomed regularly, matted fur traps heat so it’s important to prevent this from happening


Taking all this into account, here are some of the perfect products for your pets to enjoy in the summer heat…



🐾 Dog Paddling Pool 🐾

Made from durable plastic with strengthened side walls and a slip proof surface, this is the perfect product for your dog to enjoy water fun at home.


🐾 KONG Aqua 🐾

This floating dog toy is ideal for fetch games on the beach in the summer sunshine!



🐾 Keep Cool Mat for Cats and Dogs 🐾

This cooling mat will help to keep your four-legged friends cool even in the hottest weather.


🐾 Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain 🐾

This water fountain is a great way to encourage your pets to stay hydrated. With an adjustable water flow, this fountain is also suitable for more cautious kitties!


🐾 Maisonette Outdoor Cat House 🐾

This outdoor cat house is the perfect place for your cat to enjoy the lovely weather from the comfort of the shaded upper platform.


🐾 Cat Camp Tent 🐾   

This cute little tent can be used both inside and outside, where it provides a great shaded retreat.

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