Key products to ensure your pet lives a happier, healthier life!

Do you like to pamper yourself for glossy hair and healthy skin? … guess what, so do your pets!

It’s becoming increasingly more important to keep your pet’s skin and coat in tip top condition, especially as dry skin on pet’s can cause long term discomfort and irritation as well as an unhealthy looking coat… THIS, is where we can help you and your furry friend’s on the route to recovery, by recommending omega oils, supplements and dietary changes that will completely change their lives to be much happier and healthier!

Omega Oil:

1l Nutrivet Inne Wild Salmon Oil 
Was £14.99 – NOW £12.99

This Nutrivet Inne Wild Salmon Oil is one of our TOP SELLER’S, due to it being rich in Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids that help boost the immune system amongst many other beneficial factors! The practical pump makes it easy to combine the oil into your pet’s food with no additional mess or clearing up for you – how ideal! The immune-boosting effect of the oil helps combat arthritis and rheumatism and along with helping reduce the risk of heart disease. This product has solid results for healthier skin and a glossier coat – just the thing your pet is longing for!


240 Lintbells TuMOVE Active Dog Supplement tablets
RRP* £57.40
 – OUR PRICE £34.99 

The 3 main benefits of this Active Dog supplement is 1) Aids joint development 2) Support active joints and 3) Promotes mobility. It uses a tried and tested recipe that is recommended by breeders and veterinarians which contain ingredients that will keep your pet agile and in optimum physical condition for long term health! Definitely a must-try for your pooch!

50ml Lintbells YuMEGA Cat Supplement
RRP* £15.20
 – OUR PRICE £9.99

This supplement is PUURFECT for your cat as it is rich in nutrients and minerals which will show visible improvements to your cat’s well being within 3 to 6 weeks. The benefits of this supplement include the fact it cares for dry skin by nourishing and soothing, helps to reduce moulting (for a thicker, more glossy coat) and lastly supports healthy skin. It’s time to treat your cat!

Dietary Changes:

Dietary requirements are very important to address, because if your pets have intolerance or allergy to something in their diet – it could mean a dull and itchy coat without even knowing! This is why switching to a grain-free, hypo allergenic diet is perfect in providing your pet for a more nutritional alternative. Benefit’s of a grain-free diet includes: easier digestion, higher nutritional values, benefiting your pets appearance, higher energy levels and helping to control your pet’s weight!

For dogs: 4kg Wolf of Wilderness Adult “Green Fields” – Lamb 
OUR PRICE £13.99

Many believe that the domesticated dog originates from the wolf, so their diet in the wild would be mainly carnivorous with some fruit, herbs and botanicals. This Wolf of Wilderness flavoursome dry food which contains 61% pure meat and low carbohydrates means that it is easy to digest, as well as providing your pet with optimal nutrients from wild herbs, nettle leaves and elderberries to name a few! This scrumptious food will bring out your dogs wild side!

For cats: 19 x 85g Lily’s Kitchen Catch of the Day for Cats
RRP* £14.99 – OUR PRICE £13.49

Lily’s Kitchen’s wet cat food was created to give the best possible healthy and holistic food to cats, made from natural ingredients. This grain-free, tasty recipe with taurine supports good eye sight and heart function, along with containing 60% meat content – PACKED with protein! So why not let your cat try a Lily’s Kitchen cuisine which have been made with delights from the sea and British Farms, as remember – your cat only deserve the best!

Transition Period:

If you decide to alter your pet’s diet, it is suggested to do so over a 2 week gradual transition process, steering clear of any immediate changes. This is to ensure that your pet has time to adjust to the new food and to avoid upsetting their stomach – we don’t want any unhappy pets!

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