Keep Cool – 3 Water Fountains Your Pets Will Love

While you’re keeping cool in the shade this summer, how will your pets be doing it? Water Fountains are a great way to keep your pet hydrated, healthy and comfortable during the hot weather.

1. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Was £25.99
Now £22.99
First on the list, it’s the Cat Mate Pet Fountain. This product comes highly recommended with 59 five-star reviews! It’s suitable for all cats and any small dogs with a capacity of 2 litres. Unlike other water fountains for pets, this one has a low noise level to ensure your pet doesn’t get spooked. They can choose between fresh flowing water in the top levels or calmer water in the lower bowl. Easy to clean and it’s recommended to change the water at least once a week to prevent limescale.
Was £29.99
Now £22.99 (Also available in Beige)
This 3L Cat Fountain has a simple design and holds an extra litre of water. There’s an internal charcoal filter that helps eliminate harmful bacteria in the water, making the water purer for your cat to drink. The design makes it better for timid cats as the flow is controlled and adjustable catering to all needs.
Was £59.99
Now £54.99

This fountain is suitable for all cats and dogs, but especially appropriate for larger dogs as the taller frame gives them easier access to the water. The Hagen Dogit Fountain has a huge capacity of 10.5L compared to the above models (2L and 3L). This makes it useful if you have multiple pets, and also requires less maintenance of topping-up water.

Which fountain is best for your pet? Comment below and send us pictures of your pet in action drinking from their fountain!

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