Tales about Aiya…

Aiya, the newest member of the zooplus UK team!

It’s Saturday night, around 11 in the evening, and it feels as though this night could last forever. My eyes are half closed, dreamily, and I’m swaying from side to side to a distant buzz of music. I am beside an ocean, the Mediterranean breeze cool on my skin, a heavenly holiday in a little piece of paradise. Suddenly my other half lets out a whoop of delight, dragging me back to reality and throwing an arm around me. Following his gaze I can’t help but join in, high-fiving, hip-bumping and jumping for joy as we grin across at the sight we’ve been waiting for all evening. There in the corner, our 10 week old puppy is squatting down over a pile of dead leaves, her back a perfect arch. The last hour and a half of standing in the garden in our pyjamas and raincoats on this drizzly February evening has finally come to fruition.

If you had asked us to describe ourselves just two weeks ago, we would have toyed with the words “carefree”, “happy go lucky” or maybe even “aficionados of life”. But since the arrival of Aiya, our bemused bundle of Northern Inuit fluff, the words “tired”, “wits end” and “tearful” spring more readily to mind. These have been, without a doubt, the most testing and character building weeks of my life to date. A number of people, the vet included, have likened having a puppy to being solely responsible for a newborn baby and, whilst in my heart of hearts I’m sure this has not been even a fraction of the challenge, I’m willing to fraudulently accept my medal of honour along with all the other first-time mums. I spend nearly every waking moment wishing the puppy will stop barking or howling or whining, only to instantly rush in and disturb her once she’s settled because I’m terrified of what the sudden silence might mean. I wake in the night imagining I can hear her pacing downstairs or scratching at the door to go out, only to discover she was curled up fast asleep and would have carried on that way quite happily, but – hey! Now you’re here…! – I’ve successfully robbed myself of a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

One thing’s for sure – life will never be the same again. My dreams and aspirations have downsized quite dramatically, to the point that they now include “five minutes of peace so that I can have a shower”. I spent an entire week living off Creme Eggs and instant hot chocolate, because cooking even a slice of toast just felt like far too much to ask of me right now. I have swapped a subtle floral fragrance courtesy of Lancôme for a constant whiff of dog poo. And yes, my idea of a wild Saturday night has taken quite a sad turn so early in life. But it all comes down to one unavoidable fact – puppies really are ludicrously, unbelievably cute. I could have splashed out on a lavish few days at a five star resort for the cost of this little monster. Instead, we have welcomed a tiny handful of heart-melting joy into our lives, and she is worth every penny…

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