5 Natural Pet Food Brands You Should Know

Simpsons Premium Dog FoodIf you’re keen to offer your pet the finest quality nutrition made from wholesome, natural ingredients, we’re betting that you’ve already heard of some of the most popular brands in the market. Natural pet food companies like Taste of the Wild, Acana and Orijen have really made a name for themselves by offering species-appropriate, holistic cat and dog food. As demand for natural pet food increases, more brands are taking inspiration from the type of diet that your pet would eat in the wild. Check out our pick of the best natural pet food brands you might have missed… but definitely need on your radar!

1. Simpsons Premium
Proudly made in Britain, Simpsons Premium dog food features premium-quality, hypoallergenic ingredients that are especially suitable for dogs with a delicate digestive system. Stocked alongside their grain-free Sensitive kibble, the Simpsons Premium 80/20 range boasts a high protein content composed of 80% meat and animal ingredients, plus 20% fruit, vegetables and botanicals. Simpsons Premium 80/20 dry dog food been awarded a perfect score of 5 out of 5 by the impartial review site All About Dog Food, and impresses both dogs and their owners with its delicious, natural taste.

Simpsons Premium also offers a selection of complete wet dog food – new to zooplus! These grain- and gluten-free recipes contain the finest quality meat approved for human consumption. Selected varieties are also made exclusively from certified organic ingredients, so you can be sure that your dog is receiving the very best.

2. Earthborn Holistic
Another natural pet food newly stocked at zooplus, Earthborn Holistic dry dog food is a species-appropriate diet packed with valuable nutrients to promote your dog’s health. This complete kibble is made in the USA from regional, sustainable ingredients. Earthborn Holistic dog food is both grain- and gluten-free, and is also completely free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. This exciting brand looks set to win over especially eco-friendly customers, as it supports a number of projects that help to care for the planet, including “Terracycle”, which collects the product’s 100% recyclable packaging, and the “UPC’s for Trees” programme, which plants trees in areas affected by deforestation.

Purizon Pet Food3. Purizon
This grain-free dry pet food takes its inspiration from the natural, carnivorous diet of dogs and cats. Made to a unique recipe and exclusive to zooplus, Purizon pet food uses premium-quality fruit, vegetables and herbs, plus at least 70% meat and fish. The gentle manufacturing process ensures the vital nutrients are protected and helps to preserve the natural flavour of the ingredients. The Purizon dog food range has recently been expanded by the new Single Meat varieties, which each boast only one source of animal protein. This makes them suitable for sensitive dogs on an exclusion diet.

Markus Mühle Dog Food4. Markus Mühle
We’ve blogged about the merits of cold-pressed dog food, such as Markus Mühle, before. In case you missed it, this innovative manufacturing process avoids using high temperatures or steam to cook the raw ingredients, but instead mixes them together, presses them into kibble pellets, and then heats them quickly at cooler temperatures of 40-75°C. This enables more of the essential nutrients in the ingredients to remain intact, resulting in a more ‘natural’ product. The best-known product in the Markus Mühle dry dog food range is Markus Mühle NaturNah, which already has over 130 five-star customer reviews at zooplus. But did you know that Markus Mühle also offers a range of other cold-pressed dog foods that have been specially developed to meet your dog’s individual nutritional needs at each lifestage? Find Black Angus by Markus Mühle here.

5. Lupo
Another under-appreciated natural dog food made using a gentle cold-pressing process, Lupo dry food is 100% natural and ideal for dogs with nutritional sensitivities. The Lupo Sensitive range is completely grain-free, while Lupo Natural Swiss Chicken is made from mouth-watering chicken sourced exclusively from selected Swiss farms that guarantee species-appropriate, humane breeding. This makes Lupo Natural ideal for dog owners that not only want to feed their pet a natural diet, but also care about general animal welfare.

Visit our shop to find even more great brands offering natural dog and cat food. We hope you and your pet enjoy exploring the wide range of natural food available at zooplus! Let us know your favourites in the comments.

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