Organic Pet Food: The Facts Behind the Hype

Yarrah Organic Pet FoodThis September it’s officially Organic Month, so expect to hear even more people than usual raving about the organic food movement that has changed the way lots of us eat and shop. Foodies, bloggers and bakers are all getting onboard, and the amount of choice available is continuing to grow – for humans and pets alike. Whether you’re an organic food fanatic or are still thinking about making the switch, it’s now even easier to offer your pet a delicious and nutritious organic diet, thanks to some great pet food companies in the UK and beyond.

So, what exactly makes a pet food organic?

Like all organic food products or cosmetics, at least 95% of the ingredients in an organic pet food must be sourced from organic farming and manufacturing. Organic farmers use mostly natural farming methods, such as crop rotation, and rely on fewer pesticides.

All organic meat and eggs in pet food also needs to meet high welfare standards. The animals are required to have plenty of space and fresh air, which keeps them healthier and means they’re less likely to need antibiotics or other veterinary drugs.

For a pet food to be classed as organic, it must also be completely free from genetically modified ingredients.

In other words, organic pet food is more natural, animal-friendly and better for the environment than most conventional pet food.

Lily's Kitchen Organic Wet Cat FoodOk, sounds good. Any other benefits?

Because organic pet food is so natural, it’s often thought to be extra delicious. A survey by the Soil Association in 2012 found that 44% of Brits prefer the taste of organic food to non-organic food. As anyone with a fussy pet knows, there are few things more important than taste!

Organic pet food is also absolutely packed with vital nutrients. This means that feeding your pet an organic diet is a great way to help protect their health, keeping them happy and active for longer.

Alright, you’ve convinced me! Which organic pet foods do you recommend?

At zooplus we stock a wide range of organic wet food, dry food and treats for dogs and cats. Here’s our pick of the best:

Lily's Kitchen Organic Dry Dog Food1. Lily’s Kitchen
This popular British brand offers a number of organic pet foods, alongside their other natural recipes. A real favourite for dogs is Lily’s Kitchen Organic Chicken & Vegetable Bake dry dog food, or why not try their organic wet dog food trays? Lily’s Kitchen also stock a variety of delicious organic wet food trays for cats, including a special menu for kittens.

2. Yarrah Organic
As the name suggests, Yarrah produces exclusively organic food for dogs and cats. You’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice with their organic dry dog food, wet dog food and treats. Cats aren’t left out either, thanks to their range of organic dry cat food, wet cat food and mouth-watering treats.

3. Herrmann’s Organic
Featuring organic wet food for dogs and handy pouches of organic wet cat food, Herrmann’s is a great go-to brand for owners that want to offer their pets a delicious, organic diet. But please note that two of the meat varieties contained in Herrmann’s Menu are not certified organic: Fish – caught wild due to poor welfare standards of farmed fish. Game – because living wild is the best way.

Simpsons Premium Organic Wet Dog Food4. Simpson’s Premium
New to zooplus, Simpsons Premium wet dog food includes two great-tasting varieties made with certified organic ingredients and meat of human-grade quality. As an added bonus, both of these recipes are also grain- and gluten-free, making them ideal for sensitive dogs.

Has this got your dog drooling and your cat licking their whiskers? If not, why not check out our shop for the full selection of organic dog food and organic cat food? Then leave us a review in the comments!

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  1. I think organic food for my pet is not a bad idea. I love this organic food because it is more natural, animal-friendly and better for the environment than most conventional pet food. Just like us, organic is good to our body.

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