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”Is it dinner time yet?”

Discover an enticing, irresistible flavour experience, that will satisfy even the pickiest cat. Your cat deserves the best and would like to enjoy his/her meals just as you would. Discover a wide variety of tastes and textures from Gourmet Cat Food – made from choice ingredients and combined with a unique recipe for an exquisite taste your cat will not be able to resist.


Your cats love the variety of flavours and textures of Gourmet!

So pleased to have found this product. My female cat is 16 years old and has become a rather fussy eater. The Tuna one is her favourite.
22/06/14 Mrs C.
My cat gets bored. She won’t eat the same meal in a row. Hence these multi variety packs are great! Plus they have no bad additives – which she is also allergic to. Usually clean plates are had!
03/05/15 Marion

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