6 Ways to Banish the January Blues!

JanuaryBluesWith the cold, gloomy mornings and evenings, plus the incessant rain, we are certain that both pets and owners alike are already SO OVER January! Here at zooplus, we’ve been thinking up the best ways to banish the January Blues…

1. Embrace a very muddy walk!

Dig out your waterproof and pull on your wellies – it’s time to get mucky! Take your dog on a long walk and see who can splash in the most puddles. Keep your dog cosy and comfortable in a weatherproof coat – our customers rave about this warm, water-resistant coat. Make sure any dirty pawprints stay off of your furniture with a nice bath and shampoo when you get home – we love the great-smelling Pet Head Shampoo range.PetHeadShampoo2. ‘Spa’ day with your cat

Okay, so maybe your cat will be a little reluctant to get the complete mani-pedi experience, but cats LOVE a massage! The KONG Massage Brush Zoom Groom is a great way to gently remove loose hair, all the while giving your cat a relaxing massage. Your cat will truly feel ‘pampurrred’!KONGMassageBrush3. Get outside and exercise!

We don’t know about you, but we probably could have done without those last few boxes of Quality Street! So if you (and your dog!) are feeling the post-Christmas bloat and want to try something new, Canicross is a fun, popular way to exercise and bond with your dog. The NEEWA Canicross Jogging Belt is practical and lightweight – on your marks, get set…GO!CanicrossBelt4. Superior brain training

Sharpen your cat’s hunting instincts with this brand-new, interactive Dome Cat Toy! This remote-control toy features three circular openings to tempt your cat to try to catch the feathers swirling underneath. We also recommend the Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover to keep your cat occupied in bad weather – who knows, you may have a genius Isaac Mew-ton or Steven Paw-king on your hands!  TrixieBrainMover5. Bust the boredom!

During January, sometimes all you want is to curl up with a mug of tea in front of Midsomer Murders reruns (or is that just me…?)! Instead, why not try some boredom-buster toys with your dog? This 2-in1 toy is a stimulating intelligence toy that can be filled with treats to reward your dog for their hard work, while the Doggy Diversions Gift Set contains everything you need to keep your pooch entertained for hours.DoggyBrainTrain

6. Bring the outdoors inside

If your cat is going a bit potty from being stuck indoors, bring all the joy of outdoors inside this winter with one of our fantastic cat trees. Cat trees help to keep your cat active and agile (even in rubbish weather!) and come in various designs; pick one with sisal posts to keep your cat’s claws sharp or try one with a den to offer your cat somewhere comfy to snooze!7. And relaaaaaaax…

Show your dog some love with a super-soft, snuggly dog bed. Our selection of brand-new dog beds and blankets are elegant and incredibly comfortable – we love this stylish herringbone design! After all, maybe hibernating through January is the best plan…



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