Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Cats

Cat in front of a Christmas treeCats deserve a lot of extra love at Christmas, and what better way to show you care about them than a carefully chosen gift? To help you find the perfect present for your pet, we’ve picked out our 25 favourite toys, treats and fun accessories for cats, from dangler toys to cat dens. What’s more, everything in this selection is now on special offer at zooplus, so you can indulge in a bit of festive feline pampering without breaking the bank!

25. Cat Toy Set with Balls and Mice

24. Rapunzel Cat Tree
Rapunzel Cat Tree

23. ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Care for Cats

22. Baldini Valerian Pillows

21. Applaws Cat Tuna Loin
Applaws Tuna Loin

20. Relax Scratch Bed 

19. Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks

18. KONG Kickeroo Giraffe
Kong Kickeroo Giraffe

17. Cat Dangler Pole Birds

16. Dokas Chew Snacks – Chicken Breast with Fish

15. Cat Camp Tent
Cat Camp Tent

14. Fresh Flow Deluxe Cat Water Fountain – Beige

13. Cosma Snackies XXL Cat Treats

12. Maisonette Outdoor Cat House
Maisonette Outdoor Cat House

11. Dreamies Cat Treats

10. Diogenes Scratching Barrel

9. Feather Waggler Cat Toys
Feather Waggler Cat Toy

8. thrive Cat Treats Maxi Tube

7. NORTHMATE® Catch Cat Feeder

6. La Digue Cat Tree
La Digue Cat Tree

5. XL Hearts & Roses Cat Den with Scratch Pad

4. Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board
Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board

3. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

2. FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy
FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

1. Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Design Senses Play Circuit


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