DIY: Alternative Christmas Tree (for cats!)


We’ve all been there. After hours spent untangling those fairy lights and carefully decorating your Christmas tree… it’s a fleeting glance of perfection. That’s if you have cats of course!

We found this nifty idea for an alternative Christmas tree – it’s a fantastic way to recycle your zooplus boxes (yay!) and best of all… it doesn’t matter if the cat knocks it down / tears it apart (double yay!)

Watch this video on youtube:
How To Make a Cat Proof Christmas Tree!

You will need:

7 x large cardboard boxes (staples removed!)

A few rolls of green wrapping paper

Little cat toys ►

Dried Catnip ►

Paper chains

A craft knife (mind those fingers!)

How to:

1) Decide how high you want your cat Christmas tree and stack the boxes to get a good idea for shape and height. A smaller tree would be better for kittens or young cats.

2) Carefully cut holes in a few of the boxes for your kitties to explore inside.

3) Optional: Wrap your boxes in paper and re-stack in order. For extra stability make sure the boxes are stacked against a wall and you could pop some heavy books in the bottom boxes for weight and use heavy duty tape for the stacked boxes.

4) Decorate with toys, dried cat nip and paper chains.

5) Release the cats!

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  1. Might actually give this one a go. Our cats have been playing on the pile of zooplus boxes from the last order of cat food, glad there’s a creative way to use them over xmas!

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