Cats Vs Wrapping Paper

chaton jouant avec ruban

Picture the scene: There you are at the table. Surrounded by a mountain of Christmas gifts, and rolls of paper and tape at the ready. This is your time. One precious window of time to wrap everything in one evening and be totally, 100% prepared for Christmas.

With your tape dispenser strapped to your hand, you start to wrap. One down…50 to go. Progress is slow. Two down. This is actually quite fun. Three down. You’re really in the swing of it now…then suddenly, CAT!

Mittens appears out of nowhere. Like a dart he’s up on the table swiping, batting and tearing. Before you know it he’s left a trail of destruction in his wake and made off with the stick on ribbons.

And this happens every. single. year.

The struggle is REAL.

Watch this video on youtube:
British shorthair kitten playing with wrapping paper

Crazy Cat Playing with birthday christmas paper tissue on carpet floor

Cat Fights Wrapping Paper

Cat loves wrapping paper

Cat Fun: Wrapping Paper

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