Tried & Tested: Weatherproof Wear for Walkies

Two small dogs in waterproof coatsThere’s nothing dogs enjoy more than a good long walk in the great outdoors… and it sometimes seems like the wetter, the better! But while some dogs don’t really mind things getting a bit wilder and windier at this time of year, others have more of a love-hate relationship with the rainy weather. Older dogs suffering from joint problems, for example, and sensitive dogs recovering from surgery or illness often find that autumn’s harsh winds and torrential downpours can put a bit of a dampener on their favourite part of the day.

And that’s where waterproof dog coats really come into their own. More than just a smart fashion accessory, these handy coats do a great job of keeping out the wind and rain so your dog can stay as snug as a bug… however far your adventure takes you! They also have the added benefit of saving you the time and hassle of a doggy deep-clean back at the house. So that’s no more wasted hours trying to get gallons of autumn mud out of your dog’s fur – and more snuggle time on the sofa. Perfect. ♥

These waterproof dog coats are all real customer favourites, tried and tested for their ability to keep pups of all sizes warm and dry. If the reviews alone don’t convince you to give one of these coats a go, we’re sure that the gorgeous photos of our customers’ dogs ready for walkies definitely will!

Trixie Dog Jacket Tcoat Orléans

German Shepherd in a dog coatWet weather rating: ★★★★★

This is a great dog coat! Easy to use, fits the dogs well and the reflective edges are quite visible. The fleece lining seems to keep our little terrier quite warm and the outer lining keeps the rain out. Great product! – Dona 

This is great. Bought it for my 4 month Jack Russell puppy. It keeps her warm and dry and stops her under-belly from getting filthy on muddy runs. Great for the price too…and the fleece lining keeps her warm. Very smart – no problem putting it on either. Strong velcro and washes easily in the machine when muddy. – Linda

Dog Overall Long II

Dog outdoors in a waterproof coatWet weather rating: ★★★★★

Having a collie type dog, she always gets the mud caught in the long fur under her tummy and back legs. This coat prevents that! […] Brilliantly waterproof, been out in heavy rain and only her face got wet so no more shaking all up the wall the second we walk in the door! Very happy. The only downside is putting it on as you have to put each paw through the sleeves (a zip close on the legs would’ve been easier!) but I’m sure with practice and lots of treats we will get better at it! – Helen

All Seasons 3in1 Dog Coat

Dog in a waterproof coatWet weather rating: ★★★★★

Even though our dog initially didn’t think much of putting this on, the coat does deliver everything it promises. The back length fits perfectly and I’ve finally found a 3 in 1 coat that I don’t have to take off over my dog’s head. The velcro holds everything in place securely and doesn’t get in the way when he needs to do his ‘business’. All in all this is a versatile coat that I’m happy to recommend to others. – Anon

Illume Nite Neon Dog Coat

Pug in a reflective dog coatWet weather rating: ★★★★★

I bought this coat for my bitch Gypsy. She has long shaggy fur but no undercoat so when it rains she’s soaked to the skin literally. Everyone laughed at first but they’ve all changed their minds now because the coat keeps her body really dry regardless of how heavy the rain is. […] It never slips or moves and also covers the whole stomach as well. Even Gypsy is quite happy to put it on when its raining. I would highly recommend it. – Claudette

I bought the size 65cm for my two Labradors which are a bit too big, but the waist strap and back leg ties keep the jackets secure. They have given them severe quality control tests – running through streams, rolling in fox poo and walking through rain and it all worked, plus they were so visible under car headlights in the dark. Very pleased and have recommended them already! – Jane

Tempted to give one of these waterproof dog coats a try next time the wind and rain is howling at the door? Or does your dog already have a favourite autumn raincoat that keeps them warm and toasty in the park? We love receiving reviews and doggie selfies!

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