What Do You Need For Your Large Breed?

MaineCoon1Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest Cats, Siberians and British Shorthairs are traditionally the largest breeds of domesticated cats in the world. For these cats, you may need to super-size their supplies! At zooplus, we’ve got everything you need to kit out your home with a super-sized, ‘purrsonal’ touch to make it perfect for your large cat.

XXL Cat Snacks:

Larger cats just can’t seem to get enough of Cosma Snackies XXL! The bigger snack size means your cat will thoroughly chew these treats and they are also 100% natural.

ScorchedWoodCatTreeXXL Cat Trees and Scratching Posts:

Browse our excellent selection of cat trees, which have been specifically designed for large breeds of cat. Reinforced platforms make these cat trees very safe and stable for heavier cats! Our customers also highly recommend the Trixie Sisal Cat Scratching Board XL, which is great at keeping your large cat’s claws in tip-top condition!

XXL Litter Trays, Boxes and Litter:

Has your cat already out-grown their old litter box or tray? Treat them with a jumbo-sized litter box from our fantastic range, which are spacious enough for large breeds. We also recommend pairing an XXL litter box with Tigerino Crystals Silicate XXL Cat Litter. This litter has extra-large granules, so it is super absorbent and doesn’t cling to long-hair. FeltCatDenXXL Beds:

We love this super-sized cuddle bag, which is plush-lined and super cosy! For large cats that are always on the go, the Aumüller Wicker Den XXL is roomy and comfortable – so now there is no need for your cat to dread the trip to the vets!

Breed-Specific Food:

Large breeds of cats can even tip the scales up to 10kg! Wow! Pick a cat food that has been specially formulated to meet the needs of your large breed of cat. Royal Canin Feline Breed is available for various large breeds; it is nutritious and has a larger kibble size, which suits their larger jaws. As large cats eat more kibble than smaller breeds, consider our great-value Royal Canin Feline Breed economy packs to save money!

If you own a Maine Coon, why not try our brand-new and exclusive Concept for Life Cat Food for Maine Coons?


What are your must-haves for large breeds? Comment below!


Image Credit: Rob Marquardt via Flickr

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  1. Looking for a cheaper alternative to the standard Royal Canin diet, just ordered a BOGOF offer on 400g Concept for Life. Hope the cat enjoys it – my purse certainly will!

  2. Recently I can buy a grumpy cat breed and she is very beautiful. I love her so much and she always loves to walk around me. Thanks for sharing this lovely and useful blog with us. Nice and great photos.

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