New! Concept for Life Dry Cat Food

Have you heard about our new dry cat food range, exclusive at zooplus?

There are many premium, tasty cat foods available, but finding a food which meets all of your pet’s nutritional needs can often be tricky! The optimal food should take your cat’s breed, age and other specific needs into consideration.

Concept for Life offers precisely that. This innovative concept focuses on your cat’s individual well-being and dietary requirements at all life stages. The entire range of Concept for Life cat food is species-appropriate and ensures your cat receives high-quality, balanced nutrition.

This dry food range contains all the various minerals and nutrients needed to keep your cat healthy and happy, as it has been tailored to cater to the different individual needs of every cat. The kitten food contains an increased vitamin D3 content to ensure healthy development of bones and teeth, whereas the food for neutered cats has an adjusted fat level to avoid weight gain. On the other hand, the food specifically for Maine Coon cats has an extra-large kibble sized to suit the Maine Coon’s unique jaw.

Concept for Life supports your cat at each stage of their life and is an excellent choice of dry food. Try today!

CONCEPT FOR LIFE – tailored nutrition for your pet

ConceptForLifeAllCatsLife Stage Nutrition:

  • Kitten
    For kittens aged 2 – 12 months
  • All Cats
    All-round care for adult cats aged 1+ year
  • All Cats 10+
    For senior cats aged 10+ years




Breed Nutrition:



ConceptForLifeSterilised Life Style Nutrition:

Indoor Cats
For adult indoor cats aged 1+ year
Outdoor Cats
For active outdoor cats aged 1+ year
Sterilised Cats
For sterilised cats aged 1+ year
Sensitive Cats
For sensitive cats aged 1+ year
For overweight cats aged 1+ year

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