Dreamy Dog Beds!

DogBed4After any long autumn walk – which invariably involves barking at piles of leaves, splashing in puddles and tearing around after squirrels or (more likely!) their own tails – your dog tends to be… well, dog-tired!
At zooplus, we know that every dog has their own personality, even when they are fast asleep! This autumn, why not treat your dog to a dreamy new bed based on their personality? Is your dog more of a Starfish or a Snuggler when they are sleeping…? Find out below!

The Starfish:DogBed1

Does your dog love to snooze with every single limb sprawled out as far as it can possibly go? You probably have got a Starfish on your hands! The perfect beds for this personality are the large Dog Cushions & Mattresses, which makes sure that your night-time sprawler is comfy when lounging! We love the Trixie Dog Cushion Winny, which comes in three different sizes to suit every dog breed.

The Mucky Pup:

For some strange reason, does your dog thinks that their muddy paw-prints belong on your fresh white bed sheets? Maybe it’s time to get your Mucky Pup one of our great Waterproof Beds! These can be wiped clean and some designs can even be popped in the washing machine. Simple! Our customers can’t get enough of the hygienic, dirt-repellent Vetbed® range of blankets, which are ideal for keeping any Mucky Pups in check!

DogBed2The Snuggler:

Brr! As it gets chillier, does your dog feel the cold? Treat your Snuggler to one of our cosy Dog Dens, which are perfect for any dogs that are a little bit timid, as these dens offer shelter and somewhere super soft to cuddle up! For extra help with keeping your dog’s paws toasty, our best-selling Snuggle Safe Heat Pad is an excellent choice. It can easily be heated up in the microwave and keeps your dog warm for up to 10 hours!

The O.A.P. (Old Age Pup!):

If you have an O.A.P. (Old Age Pup), you know they may need a little bit more TLC. At zooplus, we have a wide range of Orthopaedic & Memory Foam Dog Beds which are an amazing treat for a senior dog! If your dog has any joint problems, the clever memory foam in these dog beds moulds to your dog’s body and adapts to their body temperature. This ensures that all pressure is off your dog’s joints and they are given all the support they need while they nap. Our customers highly recommend the Karlie Oval OrthoBed for elderly dogs.

DogBed3 Prim Paws:

Can your dog be a bit of a fusspot about where they sleep? Sounds like you’ve got a Prim Paws! Fear not, as we have got everything you need to satisfy your dog and lull them into a luxury slumber! Our Wicker Basket Dog Beds will look chic in any room and the Retro Pet Nest is a cosy, stylish raised bed – both will certainly suit your dog! We love the Dogmaxx Cushion, which offers supreme comfort for your dog. Better tell the cat to keep their paws off!

What’s your dog’s personality? Comment below!


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