PRODUCT TEST: Tigerino Fun Crystal Litter in Pink



We asked a customer if they would like to give one of our new cat litter brands : Tigerino Crystals Fun a go for a few weeks and review the product for us. Many thanks to Kathleen and your gorgeous cats Mystique and Cleo for putting this litter through its paces.

Firstly I would like to introduce the product testers and judging panel, Mystique and Cleo:

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Let’s find out how they got on…

You have possibly converted me back to crystal litter!

After finding the XL crystals made one of my cats cough alot, I started using OKO plus. However the trailing is terrible, and I find myself hoovering twice a day.

I was given the chance to try this pink version and after a couple of days both of my cats were happy using it. I have 3 trays and filled one with this litter and the other two with OKO as normal. “Visually” the crystals seem to trail less… if they do its not as obvious as other types of litter which is more pleasant. The removal of waste is a lot quicker and easier. The crystals just fall away through the scoop so no shaking and banging required. One bag of litter seemed to last about a week before smelling acidic (bearing in mind both cats used the one crystal tray more than the other two).


As I have been keeping the lids up on the trays due to my younger cat not being a fan of being enclosed, my elder cat hasn’t had any coughing fits as of yet.

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Personally having used many types of litter over 7 years with 2 indoor cats I don’t think you will ever find the 100% perfect match. One litter will always have a better feature than another… it’s just trial and error. However this one seems cleaner and less sticky on paws, faster for waste removal and the colour reduces the horrible yellow staining you get with the white crystals. I’ll definitely be changing to this when I finally start to run out of OKO plus. Thank you Zoo Plus for this opportunity 🙂

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