Thoughts on Autumn: Cats vs. Dogs

Dog in a coat, surrounded by leavesCats and dogs don’t always seem to agree when it comes to this time of year. Here’s what we imagine our pets must be thinking now that the autumn season has arrived:

Cat: Sigh. The leaves are falling. That’s the end of the good weather for another year…
Dog: YIPPEEEEE! Leaves to jump in and chase all round the garden for no reason!!!

Cat: Why is it dark already? I am so not impressed.
Dog: Yay, it’s dark already! That means walkies with my awesome new Hi-Viz gear! Time to strut my stuff – glow-in-the-dark-style!

Cat: Butler, bring one one’s blanket, I wish to snooze by the fire.
Oh boy, the human has gone to work. I can snuggle up in their BED!

Cat: Ew. It’s raining. I’m going to bed and staying there till spring.
Dog: YAY! Rain! My Favourite! Puddles!!!!

Cat in a furry denCat: Hmm, I guess I should probably go out and survey my kingdom. At least there’s a nice big fence in the garden so I don’t actually have to touch any mud. Gross.
Dog: Look how muddy my paws are! Look!! This is brilliant! Let’s see how many mucky pawprints I can leave on the kitchen floor before anyone catches me and makes me have a dreaded bath!

Cat: Well, I suppose this weather does have the advantage that the staff are around more in the evenings to cater to my every need.
I miss BBQs and picnics in the park. I know it’s a lot windier now, but I’m sure a game of fetch would warm us up… Pleeeeease?

Cat: Oh, how cute. All the little birdies are trying to fatten up for winter. Now if I just stay extra quiet and get a tiny bit closer to the feeder…
Dog: Huh, I guess someone left this stale bread out here for me. Yum!

Excited dog wearing a bright collarCat: Brrr! It’s way too cold to go out today. I’m a very sensitive creature, don’t you know?
Dog: He just touched my lead. Did he just touch my lead?? Is it time for WALKIES?????

Cat: Squirrel!!
Dog: Squirrel!!

What do your pets think of autumn? Let us know in the comments!

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