The Right Bed For Your Cat Based On ‘Purrsonality’ Type!

It’s that time of year again folks! The nights are drawing in, the autumnal winds are blowing and we are getting ready to pull out our winter woolies from the wardrobe.Kitten in a Basket

With the weather getting colder, your cat will be spending more and more time indoors. Indulging in a cheeky cat-nap is a well-known ‘hobby’ for most of our cats, so why not treat your cat to a cosy bed based on their ‘purrsonality’ type?

PURRSONALITY – The Warmth Worshipper:

In the summertime, does your cat doze for hours on end in the sunshine? Are they always on the hunt for the warmest spot? If you answered yes to these questions, we’ve got just the thing for your little Warmth Worshipper! Cat radiator beds simply fit over your radiator and offer your cat the toastiest spot to cuddle up and catch up on their forty winks. It’s totally pawesome!

PURRSONALITY – The Nosy Parker:

Look – as a mere human, you cannot be expected Window Mat Catto understand why your cat needs to eyeball the postman from the comfort of their windowsill; you just need to understand that it is very, very important, okay? However, getting a chilly tail while conducting this vital surveillance is no fun! At zooplus, we’ve got a fantastic range of cat window mats that help to satisfy your cat’s curiosity while keeping them warm if they do drop off to sleep – after all, keeping the neighbourhood safe is tiring work!


PURRSONALITY – The Shrinking Violet:

Is your cat a little shy? Treat your Shrinking Violet to a comfy cat den, which is a space they can call their own. Dens are great if your cat needs some ‘down time’ without any distractions and they are super soft! It is the ultimate cosy place for your cat to hide away and have a kip in.

PURRSONALITY – The Classy Cat:

Oozing pure class, wicker baskets are our top pick for any glamour-puss! With a wide range of Cats in Basketstyles available, even the fussiest of paws will be impressed with these traditional, elegant designs. While some baskets are big enough to fit two or more cats, there is only one question. Will your cat be willing to share their new snug bed?



What’s your cat’s purrsonality? Comment below!

Image credit: Wicker Paradise via flickr

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