Top 10 FREE Products for Dogs with zooplus Rewards

Our zooplus reward shop is overflowing with treats for your dog. Your loyalty points are ideal for giving your dog a little extra treat every time you shop, but they can also soon add up to a big reward for your four-legged friend.

Here is a sneak peek at our top 10 favourite products that are available in our rewards shop right now. We thought you might enjoy the cute pictures that zooplus customers have sent us of their dogs enjoying their new toys and snacks!

Trixie Dentafun Veggies Chews1. Trixie Dentafun Veggies Dog Chews (40 Points)

These veggie snacks clean and care for your dog’s teeth while it chews and they also help to get rid of the dreaded doggie breath! At just 40 points, this is a treat you can afford to pop into your basket on a regular basis.

Not enough points? Find them in our shop here.

2. 6 x 7cm Barkoo Knotted BonesBarkoo Knotted Bones (60 Points)

These delicious rawhide snacks will give your dog a long-lasting chew. Naturally low in fat, these knotted bones are also free from artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, so you can be sure that you’re giving your dog a healthy treat. They can also help your dog’s dental hygiene.

Not enough points? Find them in our shop here.

Tennis Ball Launcher toy3. Tennis Ball Launcher Toy (160 Points)

Give yourself and your dog a treat with this Tennis Ball Launcher toy. This amazing ball launcher is a great way to throw the ball long distances without overexerting yourself. Your dog will be amazed to see how far you are able to throw the red and yellow coloured tennis ball that comes with the launcher.

Not enough points? Find it in our shop here.

Real Tuff Bone Toy4. Real Tuff Bone Dog Toy (180 Points)

The Real Tuff Bone is a bright yellow bone-shaped soft toy with an integrated squeaker. One side is made from soft, cuddly plush and the other side is made from tough, durable polyester. The two cut-outs make it great for games of pulling and tugging, and when your dog has had enough of noisy games it can snuggle up to the soft plush side of the bone.

Not enough points? Find it in our shop here.

5. 3 Trixie Colourful Toy Balls (240 Points)Trixie Balls

Most dogs love to chase a thrown ball and bring it back to you for endless goes! Add a little variety and fun to your dog’s life with these colourful balls with their pawprint motif. Walkies just aren’t the same without a squeaky ball.

Not enough points? Find them in our shop here.

KONG Puppy Goodie Bone6. KONG Puppy Goodie Bone Small (300 Points)

The special KONG for puppies and small dogs is the ideal toy for hours of fun. It can be filled with dog treats for added entertainment and reward. The Puppy KONG also promotes the healthy development of teeth and gums and is beneficial for the mouth and jaw muscles.

Not enough points? Find one in our shop here.

7. 4kg Royal Canin Medium Adult Dog Food (1,000 Points)

If you have 1000 points in your rewards account, you could spend them on some specialist Royal Canin Food for your dog. Royal Canin Medium Adult dog food is for adult dogs of medium-sized breeds (11 – 25kg) aged from 12 months to 7 years. We have several other varieties of Royal Canin food in our reward shop.

Not enough points? Find Royal Canin products in our shop here.

Sammy Dog Bed8. Sammy Dog Bed (1,500 Points)

Now that the days are getting shorter, your dog might appreciate a snuggly new bed to sleep in and keep out the cold. At 1,500 points, this bed is a real bargain!  It is sized for small and medium-sized dogs and has a cozy, black and beige fleece cover and a soft polyester filling. The bed is washable at up to 30°C and measures 70cm in diameter (outer edge), with a round sleeping area of 45cm diameter.

Not enough points? Find the same bed in our shop here.

Car Boot Cover9. Car Luggage Area Protective Cover (2,550 Points)

Transporting your dog in your car boot in wetter weather can be a chore. How do you keep all the mud and wet from getting all over your car? The answer could be this protective cover for your car boot. It is made of durable nylon and can be simply wiped down to clean, with a special non-slip coating that offers your pet a safe footing during the journey. There is also a removable nylon apron to protect the paint on your car’s bumper while your dog is getting in or out of the car. Including sides, the cover measures 164 x 125cm (not including the apron).

Not enough points or needing more information? Find the cover in our shop here.

Aumuller Bike Basket10. Aumuller Bicycle Basket (4,000 Points)

Have you always wanted to take your small dog along when you go on a bike ride, but worried that his little legs wouldn’t allow him to keep up? Now he can keep you company in this nifty bicycle basket! The basket and plastic guard from Aumüller keep your dog safe, allowing you to enjoy cycling together.

Not enough points or needing more information? Find the basket in our shop here.

Remember: Your points soon mount up so why not enjoy treating yourself or your pet to something special from our rewards shop today! And don’t forget that you can also donate your zooplus loyalty points to our current charity partner, the amazing Stubbington Ark, to help improve the lives of pets in need. ♥


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