Canicross: Fast paced and fun training for you and your dog!

CanicrossCalling all active dog owners! Have you thought of adding running to your fitness regime? If you prefer to have company when you exercise, your dog could be the best training buddy that you’ll ever have!

Canicross is the latest fitness craze to grip the dog world. Rather than running with your dog on a traditional lead and collar, which can be tricky to manage, in Canicross your dog is harnessed to you via a lead attached to a special belt that you wear. Through basic training, your dog learns how to run ahead of you, and learns to follow instructions for changing direction or tempo. As you run, your dog pulls you along, turning an everyday run into a fast-paced adventure that is fun for you and your four-legged fitness buddy.

NEEWA Canicross Equipment at zooplusIf you would like to try the sport out for yourself, we have a specialist Canicross section in our dog shop stocking specialist equipment, including a comfortable harness, bungee line lead and jogging belt.

Canicross groups are cropping up across the UK and Europe, and there are regular meets around the country for organised races and events. It is a great way to be active with your dog in the great outdoors, and makes an interesting change from traditional running events. More information can be found online by googling “Canicross UK”

Image credit: Akna K9 via Wikipedia

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