10 must-have items for cats in our rewards shop

Cat with scratching postWhen did you last check out the zooplus rewards shop? We’re constantly adding exciting new rewards so that you can really get the most out of those lovely little loyalty points you earn every time you shop with us. Whether you’ve already saved up masses of loyalty points for something extra fancy, or just like to regularly add a smaller reward to your basket to liven up shopping for the essentials (we know it can be hard to get excited about cat litter sometimes…), we’re sure you’ll find something there that takes your fancy! Here’s our pick of the top 10 rewards for cat owners:

1) Tigeria Lucky Grass Cat Treats (60 Points)

At only 60 points for a whole bag ofCat with treats delicious cat treats, we think this reward is an absolute bargain! These tasty treats contain dried grass and natural vitamins for a happy tummy. They’re a great alternative to growing your own cat grass if you’re not very green-fingered, and the round shape means they work really well in a snack ball to keep your cat entertained.

Not enough points? Find them in our shop here.

2) Feather Waggler Cat Toy (85 Points)

Cat with feather waggler toyBright feathers, fun crinkle foil and a great big pole so you can work your cat up into a wild frenzy without having to get too close to those claws – do we really need to say more to convince you this would be points well spent?

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.


3) Natural Catnip Ball (130 Points)

If your cat loves chasing anything that Cat with catnip ballmoves, why not take playtime to the next level with this exciting ball toy made from 100% natural catnip? Your cat can roll it around, chew it and enjoy all kinds of catnip-fuelled fun and games.

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.


4) Universal Active Carbon Litter Box Filters (140 Points)

Kitten stood on top of a litter boxOkay, so this might not really be your idea of an exciting reward… But stocking up on replacement litter box filters is just one of those things that sometimes needs to be done, so we figured we might as well give you another way to save money on cat essentials at zooplus. You’re welcome.

These carbon filters can be cut to size to suit all covered litter boxes, but our rewards shop also includes filters designed specifically for Catit and Savic litter boxes. Not enough points? Find a range of replacement filters in our shop.

5) Hunter Reflective Cat Collar (280 Points)

Cat wearing a reflective collarBeautifully modelled here by one of our customers’ cats, this reflective collar is an excellent reward for this time of year, now that the evenings are starting to get darker. Treat your cat to a smart new fashion accessory and help to keep them extra safe at night.

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.


6) 2 x 400g Purizon Cat Food Mixed Trial Pack (430 Points)

Cat eating Purizon dry cat foodIf you’re considering switching your cat to a grain-free diet, this mixed trial pack of Purizon premium dry cat food is a great way to give it a go. For just 430 loyalty points you get two different delicious varieties of Purizon, each containing 70% meat and fish, 30% fruit, vegetables and herbs, and 0% grain. Yum!

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.

7) Catit Design Senses Play Circuit (600 Points)

Cat playing with the Catit Design Senses Play CircuitWe can’t guarantee you won’t still find a dead mouse on your carpet every now and then, but this interactive ball track has been specially designed to appeal to your cat’s natural hunting instincts and will keep them occupied for hours.

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.


8) Trixie Deluxe Hanging Cat Bed (800 Points)

Cat lying in a radiator bedQuite simply a plush fabric bed you hang over the radiator so your cat can enjoy the warmest spot in the house – as if the feline lifestyle wasn’t cushy enough already!

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.



9) Catit Design Drinking Fountain (1600 Points)

Cat drinking from a water fountain You can never underestimate how fussy cats can be! This pickiness often extends to their drinking water, meaning that many cats don’t drink as much liquid as they should. Offering your cat fresh-flowing, oxygenated water from a special cat fountain like this one can encourage them to drink more water, helping to support healthy kidney function and decreasing the risk of urinary disease.

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.

10) Eyenimal Pet Camera (5000 Points)

Cat wearing the Eyenimal Pet CameraDefinitely our top pick for determined points savers! This nifty little gadget attaches to your cat’s collar and records what they get up to when they’re left to their own devices, whether they’re exploring the neighbourhood or making friends with other cats. Perfect if you’re at all nosy about your cat’s daily adventures!

Not enough points? Find it in our shop.

Enjoy treating yourself or your pet to something special from our rewards shop! And don’t forget that you can also donate your zooplus loyalty points to our current charity partner, the amazing Stubbington Ark, to help improve the lives of pets in need. ♥

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