Strollin’, Strollin’, Strollin’ (rawhide!)



Picture the scene. Someone walks past with a flashy looking stroller, naturally you would think there’s a baby in there! However, strollers are not just for human babies. Oh no. There’s a new wave of strollers hitting our streets and parks, and they’ve been designed with four-paws in mind! Admittedly at first the concept seems a tad strange, dogs in pushchairs… BUT there is a practical side to the stroller for dogs. We’ve seen increasing numbers of dedicated pet owners using strollers for their senior dogs or those who are unwell and cannot enjoy their usual walkies. Dogs thrive on routine, and the doggy stroller allows owners to give their pets the daily fresh air and sniffs they are used to, with ease!

All these canine stroller enthusiasts agree:

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Psst! They’re not just for dogs…


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