Cats Vs Catnip

These cats are totally fine after playing with Catnip, right?

I want Feathers! Feathers EVERYWHERE!
You might defeat me as a kitten, Catnip, but I won’t be small for long!
Mmmmmm this floor is SO delicious!
Catnip gives you WINGSSSS!
Catnip mousies…stay away from my preciouses, human!
How many toys can I fits in my mouf? Well at the moment just one, but next week hopefully two!
Legs in the air like you just don’t care!
Wait….am I doing this wrong? Must have had too much ‘nip.
Just practicing my bunny kicks!
It’s just me and you, Orange Mousie…Today the bed, tomorrow the WORLD.
Orange Mousie on my head? Right….sure….ok…. *rolls eyes* Been at the catnip again have we, human?
I can’t see you, you can’t see me…
….isn’t this how everybody sitz?
Just had a hectic day lyin’ on my back, chewin’ on my toy. It’s a cat’s life!
Psychedelic catnip toys make kitty go loooopppyyyyyy
All aboard! We’re off to Africa in my boat. What do you mean it’s just a box??

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