Our Autumn 2015 zooplus Charity Partner: Stubbington Ark

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Stubbington Ark is the base for the RSPCA Solent Branch, which offers animal welfare services over a 400 sq. mile area including Portsmouth and Southampton. Stubbington Ark provides care and rehoming for a wide variety of animals that have been lost or abandoned, including over 140 dogs and 150 cats, as well as small pets, birds, wildlife and farm stock. It is a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and is responsible for its own fundraising, although it follows the RSPCA’s guidelines.

Stubbington harvey_2Since moving to the 8-acre Stubbington Ark site in 1984, the charity has been constantly expanding and developing its facilities in order to keep pace with the demand for animal rescue facilities and veterinary care.The charity now receives 7 times as many calls for help as it did in 1984 – that’s over 145 calls per day! – and has been responsible for hundreds of happy endings, like these:

“We rehomed our cat Oreo after falling in love with him from a picture on this site. He has settled in brilliantly and loves human company. He has very quickly become the lord of the manor and has made our house a home.”

“I got Sammy from the ark about 16 years ago. He was the most adorable dog, full of fun and energy and he lived to a ripe old age of 17. Thank you to the Ark for rehoming him to me – I had lots of happy years with him.”

Stubbington Gizzy 2From now until end of October 2015, you can  help Stubbington Ark either by  donating your zooplus Loyalty Points or by buying our zoolove products. Please visit our charity page for more details.  This will be greatly appreciated by our selected charity and of course by all of the animals in their care!

To learn more about Stubbington Ark, please visit their website or their facebook page. Both are full of information about their latest success stories and campaigns.

Picture credits: Stubbington Ark/ Paws4thought Images

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