Meet our pets – Part 2

Emma's dogIn the first part of this blog series, some of the zooplus team introduced their furry family members and shared the top five products their pets would recommend if they ever mastered human speech (after first using their new skills to demand an extra helping of dinner, no doubt!).

Now it’s the turn of Emma’s dog, Tess, an friendly lab with a fabulously glossy coat:

Tess the black lab was adopted from Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England back in 2010 and originally came from Dublin where she was picked up as a stray. She’s a typical loony Labrador who likes to engage in regular mad spurts of running around the garden ‘butt tucking’ (google it, it’s a thing!) and is always on the lookout for fallen crumbs of anything remotely edible. Now she’s reached middle age, Tess loves to curl up on the sofa and snooze away her afternoons.

Tess’ Top 5 Products:

  1. Markus Mühle Dry Dog FoodEmma's dog sleeping in the garden
    Gently cooked food with an impressive array of natural ingredients. Tess looks great on it!
  2. Dokas Chicken Breasts Chew Wrap
    The perfect after dinner snack as it’s low fat and much more exciting than plain rawhide!
  3. Hunter Vario Basic Alu-Strong Dog Collar – Red
    Strong, reliable collar that’s lasted years!
  4. Cosy Mocca Dog Bed
    Well-padded yet very soft bed that comes in a 110cm size, perfect for a Labrador. Just fluff it up every now and again and air it on the washing line and it looks good as new!
  5. Kong Wobbler Snack Ball – Large
    Tess will stop at nothing to get all the treats out of this great snack dispenser toy! Nice and solid and holds up to Labrador jaws trying to break it open.

My catAnd, last but not least, the final honorary member of the zooplus office is my cat, Tyrone:

Tyrone is the original grumpy cat and always looks miserable in photos, especially if he’s just been disturbed mid-nap. He suffered some nerve damage as a kitten that had a permanent effect on his back legs, so he finds it difficult to do a lot of the stuff other cats take for granted, but he definitely still makes the best of things. He once pulled himself up a tree using just his upper body strength to prove that he could! He’s getting quite old now and likes to spend most of his time taking it easy, but he still has the occasional crazy moment, wildly attacking the newspaper or suddenly running almost head-over-heels down the back garden for no obvious reason.

Tyrone’s Top 5 Products:

  1. Nautilus Cat Tree
    Tyrone’s weak legs and general wobbliness mean that a cat tree with raised platforms would be out of the question, but the small Nautilus Cat Tree with its stripy scratching post is absolutely perfect for him. He especially loves hiding out in the plush-lined tunnel and playfully making a swipe at anyone who walks past.
  2. Tigeria Cat Treats Finest Cheese
    After my parents once discovered Tyrone having a sneaky nibble at a block of cheese while they were trying to put away the shopping, they started treating him to these cat-friendly cheesy snacks instead. He seems to enjoy them just as much as the real deal and they’re definitely a lot healthier for him.
  3. Baldini Valerian Pillow
    My cat goes absolutely wild for these valerian-filled cushions as soon as they arrive at the house, even before we’ve managed to open the packaging. He especially enjoys sucking the pillows until they’re a soggy mess – a bit gross for us, but so worth it to see him enjoying himself.
  4. Feather Mice Cat Toys
    Tyrone loves watching the birds in our garden but he’s never even come close to catching anything. The best he ever did was find a loose feather on the driveway and carry it around proudly for a while, so these toy mice are a great alternative prey that aren’t quite so much of a challenge for him. They’re brilliant for him to flick around on the kitchen floor and really get his claws into.
  5. Owl Cat DenMy cat sleeping
    As a cat that likes to be warm, cosy and often as undisturbed as possible, Tyrone is unsurprisingly a big fan of this quirky cat bed. He enjoys being able to snuggle up in the soft plush den, hidden from view. The lower entrance is also perfect for him, so he doesn’t have the hassle of having to clamber into bed.

Do you have any recommendations for other products that our pets might love? We’re sure they’d be happy to try out more toys and treats on the search for a new favourite… 😛

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