Meet our pets – Part 1

Katie's cat in the gardenAt zooplus, we love hearing all about your pets and seeing loads of cute photos of them. We’re a pet-crazy office (obviously!) and most of us have pets too, so we couldn’t resist introducing our own gorgeous fluffballs and having a bit of a pet-parent brag. We also wanted to share our pets’ favourite food, treats, toys and more – all with the paw of approval!

This handsome ginger gent chilling in the garden is Katie’s cat, Tango:

Tango is approximately 5 years old. We rescued him from Blue Cross Burford where they think he was left behind when his owners moved house and was forced to fend for himself on the streets. Needless to say he settled in very quickly at his new home, and I was delighted that he already knew how to use his litter tray. He’s since developed to be quite the character and confidently patrols the neighbourhood doing his daily rounds. His instinct to hunt is very strong and we are often brought presents ranging from pigeons to frogs (which we once found swimming in his water bowl!). Even though he is happiest outside, he does still come for a cuddle in the evenings and we never need an alarm in the morning as he’s very punctual about breakfast time. Some things are still stressful for him, such as grooming, but with some healthy treats as a reward he is slowly getting used to it.

Tango’s Top 5 Products: 

  1. Purizon Chicken & Fish Sleeping catDry Cat Food
    Tango seems to love the taste and crunchy kibbles. This food provides all the energy he needs to keep up with his active lifestyle.
  2. Trixie Catnip Spray
    This turns Tango from a wild hunter into a playful kitten with just a few sprays on his toys or scratching post.
  3. Animonda Carny Wet Food
    Tango really enjoys his wet food, and Animonda Carny seems to be his favourite variety so far (with the exception of Cosma Thai pouches!).
  4. Maisonette Cat Den
    Because Tango spends a lot of time outdoors, we got him this little ‘cat house’ with the intention for him to use it as a shelter from the elements. He prefers to lie on top and use it as a sunbathing platform… but still seems to enjoy it nonetheless!
  5. Paradise Banana-Leaf Cat Tree
    At first I wasn’t convinced that Tango would use a cat tree as he can climb all the real trees he likes outside! But I was pleasantly surprised as he loves it! His favourite place is the ‘crow’s nest’ bed at the very top, where he can survey his territory with ease.

Jo's catJo’s cat, Izzy, is bit less adventurous than Tango, but shares his ability to really work a photoshoot:

Izzy is a 12 year old rescue cat who we adopted when she was 1 year old. Izzy lives a very sedate lifestyle and there’s nothing she likes better than lazing behind a curtain on a sunny windowsill, watching the world go by outside. She’s quite a nervous mog, but loves to come for cuddles and strokes after the household has settled down for the evening.

Izzy’s Top 5 Products:

  1. Smilla Toothies
    As Izzy is an older cat and prefers wet food, she can suffer from problems with tartar formation on her teeth. Luckily for us, Smilla Toothies are her favourite treat, and they also help to keep her teeth clean.
  2. Cat’s Best Nature Gold Cat Litter
    We’re an eco-friendly household, so it’s really important to us to use a compostable litter. Izzy seems to approve of this litter too, and there’s the added benefit that it doesn’t track.
  3. Baldini Valerian
    Izzy usually ignores toys but this is the exception. There’s a whole lotta love going on there. 😉
  4. Feliway Diffuser
    Turned our nervous cat back into a chilled out kitty!
  5. Exner Petguard Spray Treatment
    This product has worked miracles for our flea-allergic cat. Such a simple product and yet it keeps the fleas away.

Jo’s family also includes two adorable guinea pigs, Fudge and Fern:

Fudge and Fern joined our family in 2014 as cute babies, but look how they’ve grown! They provide us with hours of entertainment, and lots of squeaky ‘chat’! Fudge has learned that if she squeaks loudly enough when we go into the garden, she will usually get a carrot, which might explain why she’s the bigger of the two. Fern is the shy one, but she’s feisty!

Fudge and Fern’s Top 5 Products:Jo's guinea pigs

  1. JR Farm Mountain-Meadow Hay
    Keeps them cosy and snug as winter bedding and they also like to eat it. Smells delicious!
  2. Savic Rody Igloo Den
    We have two of these. They’re great hidey-holes plus an easy way to transport piggies from hutch to run.
  3. Octagonal Run with Sun Protection
    Nice roomy run with a net to keep the neighbourhood cats out.
  4. Greenwoods Guinea Pig Food
    Complete guinea pig food so that I know they’re getting the right nutrients.
  5. JR Farm Herb Special and JR Farm Dandelion Root
    They fight over these two supplements! Must be delicious.

Check out Part 2 to meet some of the other zooplus pets and let us know your pet’s favourite products in the comments!

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