Happy Birthday zooplus!: Guilt-free Party Snacks

Dog party 1It’s birthday time here at zooplus, and we’re all set to tuck into the party food! We couldn’t possibly let our pets miss out on all of the fun and lots of us like to show our pets that we love them by giving them a tasty treat, particularly when we’re treating ourselves at the same time. Treats are also a great way of rewarding good behaviour, particularly when you are training your dog.

However, recent research conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance has shown that a lot of the treats that we feed our pets may actually be bad for them. Pet obesity is on the rise in the UK, and it can lead to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes for your pet. The treats that we feed to our pets may be a big part of the problem: it can be difficult to work out the calorie content of some pet treats, and the study found that some pet treats contain similar levels of calories to junk foods such as doughnuts, when matched by weight.

So how can we treat our pets without risking their health?

MDried Cows earsany of the dog treats that we sell at zooplus are reduced fat or lower calorie varieties, to help to keep your pet in shape. Natural chew treats, such as beef lung, scalp and ears, are all-natural animal products, with limited additives, preservatives or sugar, that can give your dog a healthy treat without piling on the calories as well. We also sell a wide variety of lean dried meat snacks, such as Rocco Chings, which are made from 100% dried fillet meat with no added meat meal, grains or preservatives.

Some dog food manufacturers now also produce ‘light’ versions of their usual treats, that are lower in fat and sugar.  Bosch Goodies Light area low-fat version of the popular Bosch Goodies snacks. These little heart-shaped treats are ideal as a reward for good behaviour and come in a resealable box, which means you can also feed your dog fewer snacks without worrying that the rest will go stale.

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