DIY Lawn Care Hacks: How to Avoid the ‘Burn’

Labrador retriever lying on the grassSummer’s finally here! It’s time for having friends over for BBQ’s, getting out the deckchairs and just enjoying the garden. So what do you do if your dog has turned your lawn into a warzone?

Hack 1: When Life Hands You Lemons… Fix it with Lime!

Every dog owner knows about the pesky and unsightly burn marks that dog pee leaves behind on lawns. The bad news is that dog urine is acidic, so it actually does ‘burn’ the grass, but the really bad news is the simply re-seeding the affected area will not make the problem go away. The acid in the urine soaks into the soil, so to help the grass re-grow, you need to treat the area with lime (which is alkali), mixed with compost, before you re-seed.  Lime is available from most good garden centres and DIY stores and comes with instructions for use. You should fence off the affected area of lawn before treating or re-seeding to protect your pet from accidentally ingesting the product and to protect the grass from any ‘re-offending’ by your dog.

Hack 2: The ‘Pee-Free’ Zone

Long-term, the solution to the problem is to train your pet not to urinate on your carefully manicured lawn, but in an area that is more appropriate. This may take some time and effort on your part, but in the end you should have your gorgeous garden back as you would like it.

Beagle dog on green grass.

First, pick the area that you will allow your dog to use to relieve himself outside. If possible mark it out with stones or fencing so it’s easily identifiable. Once you have created the area, you should only allow your dog to eliminate in that spot, which will mean that you have to take him into the garden on a lead for the first couple of weeks. When he urinates in the spot you have chosen, give him a very special treat straightaway. If he chooses not to, just take him inside and try again in 15-30 minutes.  Keep repeating the reward process and he will eventually get the idea. Once he has the hang of it, try using a longer lead, then supervising him off the lead, moving on to supervising from out of his view. The one thing you should not do is punish your dog if he gets it wrong a few times. Good consistent rewards and praise will eventually get you a good result.

Hack 3: Rock’n’Roll in the Water Bowl!

Dog RocksDog Rocks® are a safe and natural way to reduce the nitrate content of your dog’s urine, which in turn reduces the urine burn.  Dog Rocks is a completely natural mineral product from Australia. The Dog Rocks stones go into the bottom of your dog’s water bowl and are completely safe to use. Their unique composition helps to purify the water and remove harmful trace elements.

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