Top 10 ‘must have’ outdoor products for dogs

(As modelled by our customers’ pets!)

♦ 1 ♦   The Doggy Pool

Throw your mutts a pool party!
Throw your mutts a pool party!

This is what our office dog Tess has to say about the doggy pool:

Arrrrgghhhh, the doggy pool is TOTALLY AMAZING, I love splashing around and snorkeling for toys and shaking water all over my humans before running around the house with wet muddy paws”.  

(Disclaimer: You WILL end up soaking wet but your dog will be so happy it’ll be worth it!)

More details >>>

♦ 2 ♦  The Julius K9 Harness

Tess looks fabulous in her K9 harness!

Our customers and their dogs LOVE this harness – as you can see from all the reviews! It’s tough and built to last (it was originally designed for police dogs).

Canine model Tess looks like she is ready for an adventure in this great photo by the seaside.  More details >>>

♦ 3 ♦  Complete Dog Agility Course

Collie shows us how it's done!
This is how it’s done!

Today the back garden…. tomorrow Crufts!  Test out your dog’s agility skills with this inexpensive set featuring four different obstacles. All the bits are light and easy to put together for an afternoon of thrilling canine athletics!  More details >>>

♦ 4 ♦   Silhouettes Water & Dirt Repellent Cushion

Getting ready for an afternoon nap...
Getting ready for an afternoon nap…

Is your pup totally pooped after a long day playing in the garden, chasing the sprinklers and ‘excavating’ the flower bed? This tough outdoor cushion is the ideal place to take a nap, no matter how dirty or soggy your dog is!   More details >>>

♦ 5 ♦ Flexi XL Giant Dog Lead

Teddy having a pit stop
Teddy having a pit stop

Let them wander far and wide… but always safely at the end of a lead. Flexi leads help you keep even the biggest and bounciest fur-balls under control!

As you can see from this customer pic, the lead is ‘ergonomically’ designed for comfort, so you won’t get sore fingers if your dog pulls you everywhere.  More details >>>

♦ 6 ♦  Spike Standard Dog Kennel

Black lab Igor sits in his kennel
Any room in there for us Igor?

Doesn’t little Igor look adorable in his Spike Standard kennel?  Our customers really love how easy this kennel is to put together, even for the ‘DIY challenged’.  The solid wood finish won’t create an eyesore in the garden (and it you are feeling creative you can even decorate it to make it more homely for your pup!)  More details >>>

♦ 7 ♦  Dog Runner Cycle Mount

DogRunner Cycle Mount
No more wobbles!

Ready, steady… pedal!!!  Do you wish you could take your dog with you when you go for a bike ride but have visions of ending up in a ditch every time they see a squirrel? Well, fret no more because this super stable and strong cycle mount makes it a cinch to hitch up your dog and the clever spring absorbs the strain when if your dog gets distracted. More details >>>

♦ 8 ♦  Kong Flyer Dog Frisbee

I caught it! Now what?!

The ultimate dog frisbee! The gentle but tooth-proof rubber of Kong now in a classic frisbee shape. It’s light and very flexible so won’t damage teeth or gums. Just like Fuji here, your dog won’t want to go on walks without it!  More details >>>

♦ 9 ♦  zoolove Dog Collar Hearts

Hey good lookin’!

Turn some heads in this GORGEOUS premium leather dog collar from zooplus! What’s more, when you buy our zoolove products, we donate 10% to our pet charity of the month. Oskar here definitely looks like a superstar in his!   More details >>>

♦ 10 ♦  Silicone Travel Bowl

Om, nom, nom…

Great for travel or just out on a long walkies, this clever bowl folds flat for storage. Just the thing for serving a quick snack or some fresh water after a hard day of adventuring!

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