DIY pet hair hacks for the home


It’s morning and you put on your favourite black jumper. Hmmmm. Cat hair. You try the pile of freshly laundered washing. More cat hair, and if it’s not cat hair then it’s definitely dog hair!

Sound familiar?

Worry not. These simple DIY hacks for keeping pet hair to a minimum will ensure your home is hair-free in a jiffy!

1) Rushing our the door and notice fuzz clinging to your trousers?

Try this! Lightly dampen your hands under the tap and sweep over clothes. If you don’t want pet hair stuck between your fingers, use a rubber glove!

2) Guests coming round for an impromptu visit?

Try this!  Whizz over your carpets with a shower squeegee or a rubber brush to collect lose hairs then vacuum.

3) Is your sofa for human and pet use? Those stray hairs give the game away…

Try this! Use a Sticky Roller, a dryer sheet or a lint brush on your upholstery.

4) Convinced your washing is coming out of the machine with more hair on than when it went in? You’re not alone.

Try this! Leave the washing machine door open to dry out both the drum and all the pet hair clinging to it. Then, armed with your vacuum cleaner and soft brush attachment, vacuum out the pet hair from inside the machine. Pet hair can also get trapped in the drain pump filter, preventing your washer from draining properly. Remove the filter according to your washing machine instructions and clear out clogs of pet hair. Gross but worth it!

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Watch this video on youtube:
How to remove pet hair with just water

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  2. Thank you for the info. You should look into Dakpet as well, I heard is just a good brush as furminator. I would also put blankets for them in places that you don’t want fur. Hope that helps!

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