Recycle your zooplus boxes!


It’s no secret, cats just love boxes! But have you ever wondered why?  Well, there are a number of theories:

– The enclosed space replicates a cave or den which a cat would use in the wild. When you sleep 15-18 hours a day, it makes sense to do it somewhere secret.

– The smell of plants and trees however faint is attractive and relaxing to cats.

– The cardboard is significantly warmer than a cold floor… plus its chew-able, scratch-able and tonnes of FUN!

Recycle your zooplus box into a den for your cat and send us a pic! 

Watch this video on youtube:
Why Do Cats Love Boxes?


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One Reply to “Recycle your zooplus boxes!”

  1. I always make use of the boxes.

    Remember to remove the staple from the top flap.

    I get a dish/plate, draw a circle on a few sides of the box and cut out some holes, and tape the lid down. You can even get a couple of boxes and make a two-story playhouse by gluing one on top of another and cutting a hole out between them.

    Then just sit back and let your sweet little bengal trash the boxes….

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