10 cats sitting like humans – does your cat do this?


Does your cat like to sit up like a person? You’re not alone!

Scroll down to see 10 cats demonstrating the importance of a good sitting position.


1) This cat sits up high to watch you and silently judge, as cats do.


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2) Soaking up the rays in this sunny spot #donotdisturb

Normal cat #catsitslikeahuman

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3) The feel of this leather chair makes him feel like a boss.


4) Why get out of bed when you can just relax?

Hermes just being Hermes… #ridiculouscat #catsitslikeahuman #maxinrelaxin #funnycat #tailweiner

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5) Sit and stare, then sleep. This cat has his daily routine down to a fine art!

Chillin' on a Tuesday morning #catstagram #catsitslikeahuman #meow

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6) Just relaxing and being casual, who’s asking?


7) This cat has his Monday priorities sorted. Job one, sit up. Check!

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8) Decisions, decisions… what gift should I bring my human today?

MiMi sitting upright. Happy Friday!!!

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9) Modelling is hard work. To stay trim I mostly do yoga and get 16h of sleep a day.

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10) Sitting is so 2014…

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