Some cats bring home mice…this cat has other ideas

cat with sponge

(source: icanhascheezeburger)

Mittens thought her owner was bored with the usual garden wildlife as she kept putting the ‘gifts’ back outside. All that hard work for nothing. Perhaps something more obscure will do the trick?

It has been known for cats to develop kleptomania (compulsive stealing habits). There have been reports of cats bringing home more than just sponges! Read more about Denis & Theo the Kleptomaniac cats here.

”Cat biologist and behaviourist Roger Tabor has met Denis and monitored his movements to try to get to the bottom of his curious habit.

“The first thing to say about ‘cat burgling cats’ – ones that take home assorted unusual non-prey items on a regular basis – is that this is a rare activity,” he says.

Many cats bring home “trophies”, he says, but these are usually food they have scavenged from bins.

“The real cat burglars are those that regularly bring back an assortment of human-associated objects including bras and other clothing, sponges, towels, flip-flops and paint brushes,” Mr Tabor says.

He believes cats such as Theo and Denis, who was orphaned as a very young kitten, were not taught by their mothers to catch live prey.

“Without the normal learning interactions of a mother or other kittens, they have become particularly fixated on ‘toys’ and continue to hunt them.” (Quote source)

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