Cold Pressed Dog Foods

Cold Pressed Dog FoodsCold pressing is still a fairly recent innovation in the world of dry dog foods, so here’s a little information to fill you in…

Cold pressing is a manufacturing process that does not use high temperature cooking or steam. In cold pressed dog foods the fresh ingredients including fresh meat are gently mixed together, pressed into kibble pellets and then very quickly heated at 40-75°C. The use of cooler temperatures in the production allows a lot more of the essential nutrients in the ingredients to remain intact, producing a more ‘natural’ product. In particular, this means that the quality of the proteins is better than in standard dry dog food, and more of the vitamins in minerals from other plant-based ingredients are preserved.

In contrast, the traditional ‘rapid extrusion’ manufacturing method involves baking the kibble at high temperatures (often over 200°C) to make it crunchy.  These high temperatures cause chemical changes to take place in the food, reducing the quality of the proteins and causing many of the vitamins and minerals to disappear. Advocates of more natural dog nutrition highlight the lower quality B-vitamins and fats in dog foods that have been cooked at high temperatures, which can affect the dog’s liver, as well as its skin and coat.

An additional benefit to feeding your dog cold pressed dry food is the positive effect on their digestion.  Standard dog food pellets sit in the dog’s stomach and then swell as they absorb water before dissolving, which can cause bloat. Cold pressed pellets start breaking down immediately and dissolve slowly without swelling first.

Cold pressed foods are not yet widely available in the UK, but at we already stock four key brands of cold pressed dry dog food: Markus Mühle, ForthgladeLupo and Lukullus.  Take a look in our Cold Pressed Dog Food shop for more information.

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