My much-loved moggie, Tyrone

TyroneMeet Tyrone, or Ty for short, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought his name was Beautiful, Baby, Gorgeous or Handsome (he doesn’t really like to stay still for photographs, so he’s actually a lot cuter than he looks in this blurry pic, honest!). This adorable black and white rescue cat has been part of my family since my sister and I were younger and has well and truly found a place in all our hearts.

My sister and I have both left home now, but Ty still lives with our parents, keeping them on their toes by constantly discovering new ways to cause chaos and mayhem! I always look forward to giving him a massive cuddle whenever I go back home to visit them, but he’s not a very touchy-feely cat so I don’t think he always appreciates it. He’s much happier when I come bearing gifts – cat treats, toy mice or often something that wasn’t really meant for him… He especially loves hair ties, so if you leave one unattended it’s never long before you find him storing it in his food bowl or flicking it across the kitchen floor (and eventually under the fridge, never to be seen again…).

But, unlike with most cats, it’s not actually too difficult to keep things out of his reach. Ty sadly suffered from some nerve damage as a kitten, but nobody really knows enough about his life before he was rescued to know when or how it happened. It doesn’t cause him any pain or discomfort now, but it does mean that he has an adorable kitten-like wobble when he walks, and he falls over quite often, especially when he gets too excited and tries to run down the hill in my parents’ garden. He also has difficulty jumping – even just getting onto the sofa requires a lot of concentration and a bit of a run-up! So we give him loads of extra love and attention, and have adapted the house to make things easier for him, like setting up some little tables next to the windowsill so he can use them as stairs to clamber up and have a nosy at the goings-on in the street. This might not have been quite what we’d imagined when we first decided to get a cat, but Tyrone’s little quirks are all part of what makes him special! ♥

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