Fudge and Fern: Introducing our Guinea Pig friends!


Fudge & Fern 2.1

My little girl, Holly, has always loved animals.  As soon as she learned to crawl she would stalk our cat through the house, and at age 7 I finally agreed to get her a pet of her own.  However, lack of experience meant that I had no clue what to adopt.  As a child, I was only allowed goldfish, which, although pretty, are not the most exciting pets, whereas my husband and his brother cared for a succession of hamsters, gerbils, rats, birds, cats and dogs, and even, briefly, a baby squirrel.  We were agreed that a cat or dog was not an option, as our own elderly moggy would not approve, but the question was, which pet would suit us best?

The decision was made for us when Holly came home from school clutching a book called “I love Guinea Pigs” by Dick King-Smith, and proceeded to bombard us with all sorts of interesting and useful bits of information about guinea pig care, nutrition and entertainment. We had no choice but to reward her careful research!

Fudge and Fern, our two girl guinea pigs, arrived in our household at the end of the summer, as two tiny, squeaky bundles of fur, aged just 8 weeks. These two adorable little friends provide us with hours of entertainment and cuddles, and we all love them very much. We’re looking forward to sharing their stories and adventures with you over the next few months.

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