Purizon Black Angus & Turkey – what’s the verdict?

20141113_purizon_black_angusReady, set, go!…

It’s dinnertime and I’ve just placed the bowls of new Purizon Black Angus dog food with Black Angus beef, turkey and salmon on the floor and my dogs are attacking it so quickly that I honestly am afraid they might eat their bowls too.

This is how meal times have gone down for the last week since I decided to give this new flavour of Purizon a try. They’ve always been fond of Purizon and I haven’t had to worry about their bowls being left empty, but this is a whole new level. And you’d think that their meals might reappear from their stomachs when they ‘wolf’ them down so quickly (pun intended!). But no! It all stays down.

Okay, so we’ve established that new Purizon Black Angus tastes good. What else do we need to know?

First of all, I can attest that it smells delicious. It was a little worrying to me when I opened up the bag for the first time and instantly felt rumblings in my own belly. I looked at my own dinner: a microwavable lasagne and felt a twinge of jealousy. It made me realise that while I won’t be starting to eat dog food any time soon, I should probably start making more effort with cooking so that this situation doesn’t continue where the food I’m serving to my pets in five times better than the food I prepare for myself.

But what about how healthy the food is? Dogs are junkies for junk food just as much as their owners, so I know they would happily tear into a tube of Pringles. But I would prefer to feed them something that’s not going to result in me having to pay exorbitant vet’s bills later on.

Yep, you guessed it. Purizon Black Angus is a super healthy, premium dog food. It contains 70% meat and fish AND it’s grain-free. Unsurprisingly, wolves don’t subsist off of foods made from grains. They’re carnivores! And like many human beings (often unbeknownst to those humans), it’s quite common for dogs to suffer from gluten allergies. Cheap dog food often uses grain as filler to scrimp on the cost of ingredients. But for us owners, buying cheap dog food containing gluten is a false economy because you will end up spending a lot more in vet’s bills than you saved on the dog’s food.

Purizon Black Angus also contains fruits and vegetables. This is important since a dog that’s fed on meat and fish alone, may start to display some rather uncomfortable symptoms like constipation, weight gain and higher susceptibility to viruses and infections. Wolves are not the same as dogs. Wolves may be solely carnivores but dogs are not, and they need the vitamins, minerals, plant fibres and much more that eating a modest amount of plant matter can provide.

Black Angus and Turkey also contains medicinal herbs that promote good health like Psyllium for stabilising blood sugar, fenugreek to strengthen the liver and kidneys and marigold to protect cells and aid digestion. Dog food and a dietary supplement in one!

20141113_purizon_happy_dog_ownerSo what does all this mean for me? Well, my dogs are happy and satiated; so far less annoying begging when I’m trying to eat my own dinner. And thanks to Black Angus and the other flavours of Purizon dry dog food, my dogs are the picture of health.

My verdict: I will be buying this again and I suggest you try it out too!

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