Maine Coons – easy like a cat, loving like a dog!

20141104_maine_coon_posingDo you ever wish you could have a pet that’s self-sufficient like a cat but affectionate like a dog? Well that’s what I have in my sweet, playful Morris. I’ve had him for 2 years now and he’s constantly showing me that I made the right decision.

Maine Coons are one of the most popular cat breeds worldwide, and their popularity has also grown rapidly in the UK. We love them for their instinctiveness, robustness, and excellent temperament. I got Morris as a kitten when my daughter became obsessed with the idea of having a dog. I knew I didn’t have the time to walk a dog every day but I felt she needed some sort of pet for companionship.

I found that Maine Coons are lovable and sociable animals and very good with other animals and children. They are very talkative cats, and their sweet coos and meows will keep you company throughout the day. If you keep a Maine Coon without any other animals, it will need plenty of human company and attention, but they are still a suitable pet for people who lead busy lives. Morris has to spend part of his day alone while my daughter’s off at school and the rest of us are out at work, but we reward him for his patience with lots of cuddles and playing when the afternoon comes around. When my daughter arrives home from school, he instantly becomes her shadow, following her around from room to room and licking her feet to cheer her up whenever she gets the grumps.

Maine Coons are definitely one of the chunkier cat breeds. The average weight of a male Maine Coon is around 6-8kg and female cats weigh up to 5kg. They have a long, angular, muscular body, with a broad ribcage, combined with strong, muscular legs, of medium length and even proportions, set wide apart on the body. The paws are large, round and covered in tufts of fur, which in some cats are so long that they stand out more than 2cm between their toes. Morris definitely does a better job of warming up my feet on cold winter evenings than his skinnier counterparts would do.

20141104_maine_coon_grassSince Maine Coons can grow to a large size, owners do need to make sure that any Cat Trees and Cat Beds are large enough to support their extra weight. I learned that little titbit the hard way!

You might expect that the coat of a long-haired cat would require a lot of care and attention. But contrary to expectations, the coat of a Maine Coon does not need much work. This is due to the fact that the Maine Coon has very little undercoat and only a medium-length top layer of fur, which means that knots do not form as easily as for some other long-haired breeds. It is usually enough to thoroughly groom your cat around once a week with a Cat Brush or Comb.

Maine Coons are talented hunters. These intelligent cats also like to retrieve objects or prey and they also love water. Don’t be surprised if your Maine Coon makes a beeline for every puddle or pond! We keep Morris indoors to prevent him harming the local bird population, getting himself cold and wet and to stop him bringing ticks and fleas into the house. He seems quite happy to stay indoors so long as he has plenty of Toy Mice to play with.

A little effort and a lot of love. I couldn’t imagine our family without our big, cuddly Maine Coon!

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