Cat Care Tips Part 3: Choosing the Right Cat Bed

Yumi Radiator BedDid you know that cats spend around 60% of their lives asleep? Rather than having one longer period of sleep, as humans do, cats split their sleeping time up into a series of longer naps throughout the day. As with humans, young cats need a lot more sleep than healthy adults, and older cats also tend to be sleepier.

The amount of time that cats spend asleep, and when they sleep, can depend on a number of different factors, such as the cat’s age and its state of health. Cats tend to sleep less if they are hungry, but like nothing better than a nice long snooze after a big meal. The weather also plays a role in the amount of sleep your cat gets: they may sleep away entire days when it is rainy or cold outside. Cats whose owners spend most of their time out of the house at work tend to choose the times when their owners are at home to be more active and look for human contact. However, when their owners are out of the house, they are likely to spend most of the day asleep.

Trixie Minou Cuddly Cat CaveGiven that cats could almost class sleeping as a hobby, a warm and snuggly cat bed is an essential accessory if you want to make sure your cat stays happy and contented. If you have more than one cat in your household, it is often advisable to provide each cat with a separate place to snooze, to avoid any conflict over territory. A wide variety of styles and designs of baskets and dens are available in our cat shop, to cater for every cat’s taste. Cats can be choosy about what they will sleep on: some may prefer something fluffy and padded, whereas others will opt for something more minimalist.

Many cats prefer the protection and security of a cat basket or den. The inside of a cat basket or den should be warm and soft, and then you can add your cat’s favourite blanket to make it really feel like home. Cats like their surroundings to feel and smell safe and familiar: even adding an old t-shirt that has been worn by their owner (but not washed) can help to achieve that sense of familiarity. The Trixie Minou cuddly cave is a cosy place for your cat to sleep, with a padded cushion and soft fleece lining inside.

Branca 2 in 1 Cat BedFor extra comfort, open-style beds are ideal. Raised sides make the beds feel extra secure and the padding makes them super-warm in colder weather. The Catmaxx padded bed allows your cat to naturally mould their own sleeping place by kneading the XXL padding into shape, and the two-in one Branca bed can either be laid flat so that your cat can stretch out, or you can pull the cords to turn it into a snuggle basket if your cat prefers more of a nest. On really cold days, you may like to try adding a little more warmth with the Snuggle Safe Heat Pad. The pad is quickly and easily heated up in any conventional microwave and you can slip it into the cat’s bed to keep your pet warm for up to 10 hours.

Cats are inquisitive creatures and they also like to keep one eye on what is going on around them whilst they are relaxing. Our furry friends love this window sill mat, which turns a window sill lookout spot into a comfortable place to while away the hours (and it protects the windowsill too!).Plush Window Sill Mat Cats also love radiator beds for extra warmth. These beds hook over a radiator and have plush covers so that your cat is always snug, and are also raised off the floor so that your cat can keep an eye on its territory.

Once you have selected a bed for your cat, it is also important to remember to clean it regularly, to get rid of any unwelcome ‘guests’ (fleas or other  parasites). Most of our cat beds are washable at 30°C.

Why not treat your kitty to a snug hideaway all of its own this Autumn? Take a look in our cat shop to discover our wide variety of cat beds today.

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