Cat Care Tips, Part 2: Ears, Eyes and Claws

ear scratchingEar and Eye Care

As well as keeping your cat looking neat, clean and brushed, you should also regularly check your cat’s ears and eyes to ensure they are healthy, and clean them as and when needed. Unfortunately, many cat owners do not check their cat’s ears and eyes regularly. Our shop sells all of the products that you need to protect your cat from eye and ear problems.

Those who know how badly cats can suffer with earache know how important it is to care for their ears. You should only clean the parts of the ears that you can see, and consult your vet if you have any concerns that they might be infected.

When you check your cat’s eyes, make sure you are in a well-lit room, and turn their head towards you. Look to check that the eyes are clear and bright, and that the area around the eyeball is white. If you notice any discharge, watering, or if the eyes are cloudy or closed up, consult your vet immediately.

With both eyes and ears, your cat may clue you in to the fact there might be a problem: If your cat constantly paws at its eyes or ears, the chances are that there may be something amiss and it’s time for a visit to your vet.

Cat Claw Care

cat clawsClawing and scratching objects or surfaces is a facet of natural cat behaviour. Cats use scratching in play, as a means of self defence, and as a means of scent marking objects to let other cats know where their territory lies.

Cats also have a natural urge to scratch. Their claws grow in layers, and as the outer claw layer gets worn, your cat will scratch to remove that layer and expose the new one underneath. Most healthy cats only need a good cat tree, or scratching post to help them to shed the outer claw layer by scratching. These can also help to discourage them from scratching your furniture or carpets!

If your cat can’t manage to shed the outer layer of its claws by itself, you or your vet can use claw clippers to cut the claws for them. If you would like to do it yourself, you should start by letting a professional demonstrate to you how the job is to be done properly.

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