14 record setting animal birthdays:

Dog in hat with cakeIt is zooplus’ 14th birthday this month, but we’re still a mere pup compared to some of these venerable pets:

An Icelandic Clam, 405 years

A 405 year old clam is the oldest animal ever to be discovered, not really a pet but remarkable none the less, the Clam was discovered by researchers in icy cold waters off Iceland: unfortunately the clam died while researchers were verifying it’s age, by counting it’s rings much like a tree.

Adwaita, Tortoise approx. 255 years

If you want a pet that can be a companion through life, and potentially outlive you, a tortoise could be a good choice. Adwaita was an Aldabra giant tortoise who died in 2006 aged around 255 years; he had originally been a gift to Clive of India. Smaller tortoises also last a long time though if well looked after, 80 years being typical for many species.

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Blue-and-yellow_Macaw-by Jörg GroßCharlie, Parrot, 114 years

Some dispute the claims of Charlie’s owners but parrots certainly can live a long time. Charlie is reported to have hatched in 1899, during the reign of Queen Victoria, and is still going strong it seems. The Blue and Yellow Macaw lives at a pet sanctuary in Surrey now but his owner also claims he was a companion to Winston Churchill from 1937 and during both his periods as British Prime Minister.

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Lin Wang, Elephant 86 years

Lin Wang, or Grandpa Lin Wang as he was later known was an Asian Elephant who served in the second world war and lived until 2003. He served with the Chinese Expeditionary forces during the second Sino-Japanese war (which became a part of the second world war after Pearl Harbour) from 1937 until 1945 before moving to Taiwan.

Lin_Wang the elephant during the Sino-Japanese War
Lin Wang


Crème Puff, Cat 38 years

Crème Puff just made it to her 38th birthday before her death in 2005. Since then many other cat owners have taken an interest in Crème Puffs unusual diet which included bacon and eggs, and plenty of veggies including broccoli and asparagus. Owner Jake Perry had previously owned Granpa who had lived to 34 and whose record as the oldest cat was beaten by his former companion, Crème Puff.

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Max, Dog 29 years

Mongrels are often thought to have less health issues than pure breeds and Max who was a beagle, dachshund and terrier mix is evidence for this having lived to 29 years. He took the record of the world’s oldest dog in May 2013 but died a few days later.

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Rubber Boa, approx. 50-70 years

Having been caught as an adult this Boa lived for another 40 years in captivity, snakes actually often live longer in the wild though with more space to grow and some snakes found when deforesting unexplored areas have been estimated to be over 100.A Rubber Boa snake

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Flopsy, Rabbit 18+ years

Another pet to have originally been wild, Flopsy was caught in Tasmania in 1964 and went on to live for another 18 years (this 18 years alone being enough to set this record).

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Tish, Goldfish, 43 years

Many who have had goldfish will wonder how one can possibly live for 43 years. Asked to name a pet with a short lifespan a goldfish would be many people’s first answer. It seems though that well cared for they can live for several decades. Tish was won at a funfair and became a treasured part of the Hand family in Yorkshire.

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Bouncer, Chinchilla, 28 years

Chinchillas have longer life expectancy than many small mammals and so make good pets for those wanting a long term companion but not wanting a larger animal or a bird. Most Chinchillas will live to 15 years or more but Bouncer managed an impressive 28 years before dying at his home in Birmingham in 2005.

Methuselah, Dove, 38 years

The world’s oldest caged dove, the aptly named Methuselah, is still alive and kicking having been born in 1975.

Snowball, Guinea Pig, 14 years

Listed in the Guinness Book of world records, Snowball lived to nearly 15 years. The average life expectancy of a Guinea Pig is up to 7 years.Old Billy a painting of the oldest horse by Charles Townsend

Billy, Horse, 62 years

A difficult one to confirm, ‘Old Billy’ is an abiding legend in Woolston, Lancashire where he was born in 1760. Probably a cob, he was a draught horse used for pulling barges and died in 1822, making the papers as the world’s oldest horse. None are yet to surpass his record!

Yoda, Mouse, 4 years

Laboratory mouse Yoda’s 4 years may seem modest but that’s twice the average life expectancy for a captive mouse.

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  1. We are often asked how long one of our miniature dachshunds can be expected to live. Well, our beloved old Heidi lasted till she was 17 1/2, and we’ve heard of other doxies who made it to 19 and 20 – we found a news item showing the Guinness Book of World Records’ oldest living dog to be a miniature dachshund in New York that was 21 (a few months before she died). There’s a wall-poster at one of our vets’ office which explains how the “average” dog ages, what helps them last longer and more healthfully, and what the typical lifespan is, based on the size of the breed. It’s all “generic” with no specifics for individual breeds, but what’s good for us is also what’s good for them – a varied and healthful diet, clean water, sound sleep, exercise, and lots of LOVE. Here’s the information from the poster, and we hope it answers most or all of your questions. It’s followed by a list of breeds and their average life-expectancies, gleaned from http://www.petplace.com, a site run by veterinarians which has a wealth of information for ALL animal owners. Be sure to check out YOUR dog’s breed on it!

  2. Chanel, a wirehaired dachshund who was recognized as the world’s oldest dog, died on Aug. 28, 2009. She was 21 years old — roughly equivalent to 120 in human years, according to Chanel’s veterinarian.

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