Hairball solutions for your cat

Cats are meticulous when it comes to keeping themselves clean but over-zealous grooming habits can have a negative effect if they lick off and swallow excessive amounts of loose hair.
If too much hair accumulates in your cat’s stomach, he or she will try to cough it up and, while the occasional hairball is quite natural, excessive hair build up can lead to loss of appetite or an upset stomach.
Fortunately, there are lots of ways to help your cat avoid the unpleasant experience and consequences of hacking up hairballs.  Here’s our pick of the best solutions…
Feed a Hairball Diet

Many major brands produce special hairball diets that contain ingredients which assist with the expulsion of ingested hair.  Alternatively, you could try a special skin and coat diet which will tackle the problem from within, promoting strong, well-rooted fur through the addition of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Adding a coat supplement such a Velcote to your cat’s meals will also help keep the coat in top condition and reduce hair loss.
James Wellbeloved have recently released a brand new Hairball diet in their range which is tailored for cats who suffer with excessive hairballs. The formula contains 6% natural insoluble pea fibre, which can trap swallowed hair and carry it all the way through the digestive tract and out the other end!

Minimise the Fluff

Brush your cat regularly to reduce the amount of loose hair in his coat.  During shedding seasons in spring and autumn, keep the shedding hair under control with a special shedding comb like FURminator or our Perfect Care Furmaster combs.  Shedding combs have metal slits which are designed to snag onto the fine, loose undercoat hairs which are difficult to remove with a normal brush.
FURminator brushes are proven to remove up to 90% of loose hair. As a silver lining, this also means there will be less of it on your soft furnishings!


Provide Fresh Cat Grass

Giving your cat access to cat grass is a fantastic and natural way to assist with hairballs. If your cat does not go outside, it is very important that it has access to fresh cat grass as this is a natural source of fibre. It also helps to keep your pet’s digestive system healthy as well as helping to prevent hairball build-up.

Catit Design Senses Grass Garden is an ideal way to grow healthy, nutritious cat grass and can be added to your cat’s other Catit toys to create a multi-sensory entertainment suite for your spoilt felines!

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  1. It may sound like your cat is twnohirg up, and it is. But it is only twnohirg up a hairball. Nothing that would hurt it. Here is a website about Hairballs in cats. About the Science Diet food for your cat: Foods such as Science Diet, although more expensive than the average, are often better for your cat. They are low-bulk, which means that cats will digest more of the food, thus eating and eliminating less. They contain little or no dyes, which can be important if your cat vomits regularly (easier to clean up); probably also good from a diet viewpoint. These foods are also beneficial for the cats coats and many readers have attested to their cat’s silky fur and good health on these diets.

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