Grain Free Foods for your Cats and Dogs

cat and dog on the grass togetherCats and dogs are very much like humans in that some seem happy to eat anything that’s put in front of them while some are far fussier or simply have tummy problems or allergies with foods that upset them.

Health Problems from Grains and Cereals

Some cats and dogs have real problems with foods that contain grains. Constant tummy problems may develop as well as other problems related to allergies or intolerance such as skin irritation, dental problems and a poor quality coat. Even while your dog or cat may be perfectly happy with a food that contains grains this can suddenly change as foods with a lot of grain are often linked to dental decay and obesity, even when there is no specific allergy or intolerance.

With many cheaper pet foods, fillers are used to bulk out the food without offering any real nutrition to your pet. TheseDog eating his dinner fillers are usually cheap cereals such as corn and wheat and in quantities that can cause serious problems, this includes obesity as your dog or cat is consuming empty calories so they have to eat a lot to feel full and to get the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals they need.

Hypo-Allergenic Pet Food

Which grain you feed your pet can be important. Hypo-allergenic pet foods often contain no cereals like wheat or corn, which cause most common problems. These are often made with another grain, like rice, or even grains like spelt, that are more similar to grasses dogs and cats would have come across in the wild and so have evolved to eat, though still only in relatively small quantities.

Grain Free Pet Food

cat in the grass With a grain-free dog food or cat food, you should find even less chance of problems although most of these still contain some carbohydrates, which your pets do need in certain quantities. Look out for hypo-allergenic dog food and cat food with potatoes, carrot, parsnip and other fruits and vegetables instead of grains. Think about what would closely match what a dog or cat would eat in the wild. These should be included alongside a good proportion of meat with some 75% meat dog foods available.

Dog with a carrot in his mouthUsing fruit and vegetables instead of grains also means a much better variety of the vitamins and minerals that a dog needs. Like with human food, the wider the variety of different fruit and vegetables, the better. A food such as Applaws Dry Dog Food, for example, contains Peas, Potato, Carrot, Tomatoes, Seaweed, Beetroot, Ginger and several different herbs and spices. You can also get grain-free dog biscuits and other dog and cat treats made using ingredients such as potato, carrot and other vegetables to completely remove problem foods from your cat or dog’s diet.

Is Grain-Free good value?dog and cat eating together

As we mentioned earlier, many cheaper brands of pet food contain unhealthy amounts of filler and can leave your animals feeling hungry so they eat more and put on weight. With a good quality, grain-free cat food or dog food you’ll find that once your pet gets used to it they will be happy to eat less and get a much better diet of what they really need. This means your pets are happier, healthier and more energetic while you may actually save money because the grain-free food you are buying them lasts much longer.

5 Replies to “Grain Free Foods for your Cats and Dogs”

  1. Great that you are promoting grain-free products. One extra bit of information, and there is lots of evidence in the US for this, is that the rise in diabetes in cats can be linked to high carbohydrate dry foods.

  2. I am totally in agreement with grain free foods for dogs and cats. The four dogs I have had since 1991 have all had problems with foods containing grains and have shown immediate improvement when switched to a grain free food. One suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease but with Orijen she managed to maintain a reasonable weight. This proved a little to rich for my current dog but Taste of the Wild suits her very well.

  3. I want to change my whole cattery over to grain free food and want to order some but I have applied for a breeder’s discount and you want proof of my prefix which the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy do not give us.
    I have held a prefix with them since 1985 but I do not know what to send you to proof it.

  4. Thank you all for your comments, The number of different conditions that grain-free helps is huge and I didn’t even realise about diabetes being linked though I suppose it makes sense. even in humans too many complex carbohydrates are linked to diabetes and we are better equipped to process grains than cats are.

    @Wendy I believe customer services were going to confirm with you what proof you needed to send I trust they got back to you?

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