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Confused about cat litter? With so many varieties and brands around these days selecting the right one can be a tricky and expensive business.
Lots of cats are fussy about the food they eat but finding a litter your cat will accept is often just as difficult. If you are having trouble deciding on the best cat litter for you and your felines, take a look at our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at zooplus about about cat litters.


Q) What is the best cat litter available?

Lots of people ask this question but unfortunately there is no simple answer! All cats are unique and have very different preferences when it comes to toileting surface.  Some cats really hate strong smelling, perfumed litter (felines have a much better sense of smell than humans) and will avoid it at all costs while others don’t seem to mind.  Brands such as Exreme Classic offer scented and non-scented options. Many cats dislike the feel of large grain litter on their paws and will only walk on the very finest, soft litter clay.

It may well take some trial and error to find your cat’s perfect match so try to buy small bags at first so you do not end up wasting the litter and your hard earned cash!

Q) How does clumping litter work?

This is the most popular and generally most effective type of cat litter. Clumping litter is made from expanding clay particles which form solid lumps as soon as they come into contact with liquid.  The resulting masses are easy to sift out of the clean litter and dispose of. One of the best clumping litters available is Extreme Classic Cat Litter (just read the reviews if you’re not sure!) It clumps quickly and locks away odours. It’s also rather good value for money – a 15KG bag will only set you back £13.99!

Q) Will clumping litter be harmful to my kitten?

Traditional, non-clumping clay litter is recommended for kittens while a question mark remains over the harmful effects of clumping litter to kittens. The concern is that curious kittens may ingest grains into their tiny digestive tracts, causing blockages.

A popular choice of traditional clay cat litter is Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter. This non-clumping litter is made from grains of fine chalk and natural quartz sand which soak up fluid like a sponge, ensuring a pleasant and dry cat tray.

Q) What’s so special about silica gel litter?

A relatively new invention, silica gel litter absorbs urine and the odours completely and does not need to be scooped out. It does need to be stirred a couple of times a day and of course the  poop needs to be removed regularly so there is still a bit of work to do! If stirred regularly, silica gel litter can last a single cat up to a month before needing to be changed completely.

Silica gel litter tends to be  more expensive than other types but we often have great offers over in our cat litter shop.  Right now you can get 3 bags for the price of two on Tigerino Crystals Silicate Litter!

Q) Can I get a litter that is good for the environment?

Yes you can! Biodegradable cat litter is normally made from waste plant or wood material. It can even be flushed down the loo.

One of our most popular bio-degradable cat litters is Cats Best Öko Plus. The natural plant fibre capillary system is extremely good at retaining fluids so a bag of Öko will last a lot longer than regular clay cat litters. Another bonus is that you know you’re doing your bit for the planet as well!


Q) Is there a litter which won’t get tracked all over the house?

Some litters are better than others for not clinging to cat’s paws and spreading around the home. Cat and Clean Brilliant Plus is one we recommened for minimal tracking. It’s also a rather special blend of clumping clay plus silica granules which absorb urine and odour.

With any litter we recommened using some sort of litter mat to protect the floor area around the toilet from litter mess. Our Booda Clean Step Litter Boxes are also designed to minimise tracking by cleaning paws on the steps as the cat leaves the box.


5 Replies to “Cat Litter FAQs”

  1. Some cat litters are sold in litres and others in Kg. Can you tell me what the conversion is as it is very hard to make like for like comparisons.

    What weight is a 20L Catsan?

  2. Purely a personal view but as an owner of 2 cats I find the Catsan Cat Smart all-in-one’s an absolute blessing. I find the biggest hassle when changing any litter is having to clean out and sterilise the litter tray before refilling and plastic liners usually always get scratched and leak. However the Cat Smart liners with litter can be lifted, bagged and replaced in 15secs which is just brilliant. The litter only lasts about 3days with two housecats so I sometimes add some silica crystals which probably bumps up the price but the convenience is really worth it in my opinion.

  3. Thanks for the advice Redsetter. The price difference between the cheapest and most expensive litter is quite wide but it certainly seems you get what you pay for; same with litter trays too.

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