Step by Step Grooming Guide

Is your pet looking a little shabby coming out of our long and damp British springtime? Do they have shedding hair flying everywhere, overgrown nails or a slightly whiffy odour from an unwashed coat? Then it’s time for a wash and brush-up!

We’ve got all the tools you need, from top of the range de-shedding combs to dry shampoos for pets not overly keen on water. Just follow our four step grooming guide to achieve a perfect finish and a perfectly turned out pet.


1) Brush and de-tangle

A basic brush or comb should be in every pet’s grooming tool kit. Gently brush through the whole coat and use the opportunity to check for any fleas, ticks, cuts or bumps that may need attention.

If your pet has a medium or long-length coat you will probably need a detangling rake or even some special detangler spray to help to gently work out difficult knots without yanking too hard.

2) De-shedding

After the knots and tangles have been brushed through and the coat is cleaner, you can start to work on your pet’s shedding winter coat. Shedding combs like the Furmaster or the FURminator brushes for cats and dogs are designed to only act on the fine winter undercoat and catch loose hairs buried beneath the top coat. Removing the shedding hair before it has a chance to spread around the home can really help cut down on the hours of hoovering and dusting!

3) Wash and towel dry
A full body wash should only be done with a gentle pet shampoo. Human shampoo is very drying and will remove essential oils from your pet’s coat and skin.

If your pet is one of the many that detests the very idea of stepping into water, try one of our range of dry shampoo powders or sprays that can be worked into the coat to remove grease and grime. If it’s cold outside, you will need to dry your pet thoroughly after they’ve had a bath. Microfibre towels are super- absorbent and make short work of drying soggy pets.

4) Clip and trim

The finishing touches are up to you! Perhaps it’s time for a proper clip now the weather is set to get warmer? Trimming of more sensitive areas is easy with our great value mini pet trimmer.

Don’t forget to check if your pet’s nails need clipping. You can use an electric nail file to slowly grind the nails into shape if you are worried about causing an injury to a very wriggly dog or cat with the regular claw cutters.

You can find all of the products that you might need to keep your pet looking neat and groomed in our online shop, and right now we have lots of great value deals on cat grooming and dog grooming products too! Time for a pet pamper day? We think so!



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