A closer look at Bozita Cat Food

Selection of Bozita cat foodLantmännen Doggy, the company behind Bozita Pet Foods, has been making pet food for more than 100 years in Sweden. In that time Bozita has become popular with pet owners across much of Europe due to the high quality and consistency of their Cat and Dog foods.

Now Bozita, especially the wet cat food range, is becoming a popular mainstream choice in the UK for cat owners who found it difficult to find a food that meets their cats’ needs and is acceptable to even the fussiest cats.



At zooplus we have noticed just how much positive feedback Bozita Cat Food is getting so we thought we would tell you a bit more about why Bozita and the company behind it are held in such high regard.

Quality Local IngredientsCat in Rural Sweden

Bozita cat food comes as wet food, in tetra paks or tins, and dry food, with Bozita Katty range and Bozita Feline Funktion range. All these foods are made in a rural area of central Sweden, primarily from ingredients sourced in Scandinavia.

The meat used in Bozita’s cat foods includes local species such as Reindeer and Elk as well as fish caught by local fishermen and landed in Sweden.

Grains are avoided in many Bozita products which are completely grain and gluten free; the ingredients list are all designed to be clear and with easy to understand ingredients, free of unnecessary additives.

Cat in a pine tree The fact that it is made in Sweden also guarantees the quality of the meat as hormones and preventative antibiotics are banned in Sweden as is the use of animal carcass meal, which when used in pet food elsewhere means any part of an animal may be included in your pet’s food. The trend for avoiding the use of chemicals extends to crops grown in Sweden, too, meaning these also tend to be of higher quality.

If that wasn’t enough of a confirmation of quality, Lantmännen Doggy adhere to ISO 22000 for food safety management, the same ISO for human grade food, ISO 14001 for environmental standards and the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Bozita Wet and Dry Food OptionsBozita Tetra Pak Mackerel

Many Bozita customers use both wet and dry food together to give their cats the best and most satisfying diet. The Feline Funktion Tetra Paks and Feline Funktion Dry food are designed to be fed together or separately.

Though the tinned food remains popular, many find the Tetra-Pak option also has advantages. Bozita Tetra Paks can easily be resealed and food can be refrigerated and kept in the packs without spoiling or gaining a metallic taste; Tetra Paks take up less space in your cupboard as well.

IBozita canned cat foodf you are considering changing your cat’s food a veterinary food, may be Bozita is an option you have considered. Though not a full vet food, Bozita have developed MacroGard to strengthen your pet’s immune system. A natural beta glucane extracted from baker’s yeast MacroGard strengthens the immune system of cats or dogs by activating white blood cells. The inclusion of MacroGard not only helps your cat fight off disease, but can also decrease the risk of cancers and improve skin condition and digestive health.

Choosing the most suitable Bozita food for your Cat

Bozita feline funktion dry food for large cats

So which Bozita product should you choose? The Tetra-Pak wet foods come in 12 flavours with jelly such as Duck, Rabbit, Elk and Crayfish and a further 6 flavours with Gravy including Shrimps, Reindeer and Chicken and Turkey. The more traditional canned food is available in four flavours and suitable for all cats including nursing and pregnant cats.

Bozita Katty dry food The Feline Funktion dry food meanwhile is designed to meet the individual needs of your cat. For example, a Kitten variant and a large cat variety and variants for different lifestyles such as Indoor & Sterilised or Outdoor & Active. Bozita’s Katty range is a complete dry food made with added vitamins, nutrients and minerals in three varieties.

If you have dogs as well then you may want to look at Bozita wet dog food and Bozita dry dog food all made to the same high standards.

Cat in the Snow

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  1. It is a lovely food, high quality, great ingredients and the fact that it is made in Sweden really makes you trust. Will keep buying from zooplus.

  2. Very good quality cat food. My two love it, even the slightly fussy one. My boys have the chicken variety. It is very hard to get a good quality cat food in the UK at a reasonable price.

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