Focus on British Dog Breeds

Crufts Dog ShowWith Crufts around the corner we thought we’d highlight three of the best British Breeds: one Welsh (the Welsh Springer Spaniel), one Scottish (the West Highland White Terrier) and one English breed (the English Bulldog); all of which are great family pets and companions, and all on show at Crufts.





sleeping English BulldogThe English Bulldog

  • Despite their name and being bred from bull-baiting dogs English Bulldogs have long been popular as companion dogs and are known for their loyalty.
  • Often thought of as a medium or even small dog adults weigh in at around 25kg.
  • Their bulky shape can mean they look awkward but they are surprisingly agile.
  • English bulldogs often have trouble breathing and moderating body temperature due to small nasal cavities: if you are planning long car journey with one climate control is a must.
  • Bulldogs have long been bred to not be aggressive and are usually very good tempered dogs and are good with children.
  • Famous bulldogs include Spike from the Tom and Jerry cartoons, Bull from Lady and the Tramp and of course adult english bulldog and bulldog puppyChurchill the nodding dog from the car insurance ads.
  • The Bulldog Club was the world’s first breed club started in 1875.
  • Bulldogs really do drool and slobber a lot so if you are considering having one as a pet you should be prepared for this!
  • English Bulldogs are quite unique looking dogs and also have unique dietary needs, Royal Canin Bulldog Junior and Bulldog Adult Food are formulated to give them the right amount of protein and to decrease skin irritation that can be caused by their skin folds.

Welsh_Springer_SpanielThe Welsh Springer Spaniel

  • Bred to flush out animals such as hares and pheasants, rather than hunt, Welsh Springer Spaniels are very fast, active and gentle dogs.
  • Welsh Springer Spaniels make great family pets, though for some reason are less popular than English Springer Spaniels.
  • Welsh Springers have a coat that self-cleans, however they still need weekly grooming or their fur can easily become matted.
  • Welsh Springers have few specific health problems, though hip dysplasia can affect them.
  • Undocked the Welsh springer has a magnificent tail that seems to constantly wag any time they are with their family, to whom they become very loyal.
  • Slightly smaller than an English Springer Spaniel, at about 19 inches tall, the other main differences includeWelsh Springer Spaniel by a lake smaller shorter ears and colour: they tend to be more reddish brown and white.
  • Welsh Springer Spaniels can be energetic and for those with a very active lifestyle, including working Springers, a food such as Eukanuba Adult – Working & Endurance might be what they need.
  • Do you have a Welsh Springer that seems to bring its ball back to quickly for you to keep up with? Our tennis ball launcher or Trixie disc thrower should ensure they have to go a bit further: keeping them busy while giving your arms a rest.

West Highland White TerrierThe West Highland White Terrier

  • The West Highland White Terrier, to give it its full name, is usually known as a ‘Westie’ for short.
  • They may look innocent but most West Highland White Terriers have a mischievous side to them.
  • Westies were bred to only be white, this is to avoid any accidents where they might be mistaken for foxes. This may seem unlikely but this is what happened to a Scottish Terrier belonging to Col Edward Malcolm leading to the Colonel accidentally killing one of his dogs and subsequently beginning the breed.
  • Westies need weekly grooming though their wiry hair means they can go running through undergrowth unhindered.
  • Only recognised as a distinct breed in the early part of the 20th century they are now hugely popular in the UK, the USA and around the world.
  • Only around 11 inches tall fully grown Westies still seem to have boundless energy and highly alert they will be Black and White photo of a Westie or West Highland White Terrierready for action at a moment’s notice, even during a nap.
  • Westie’s have famously featured on Cesar Dog Food packaging and in their ads for many years.
  • To support the West Highland Terrier’s particular needs zooplus offer both Royal Canin West Highland White Terrier Food and Eukanuba West Highland White Terrier food.

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