Feringa cat food tried & tested by Enzo

Enzo’s owner recently won a Feringa taster pack. Here’s what she thought…

“I’d say Enzo likes the Feringa cat food.  Its appearance and taste appealed to him and there certainly wasn’t any left in the bowl at the end of mealtimes.  To date, I’ve tried him with the lamb and potato and the chicken and squash – he liked them both.
He didn’t seem to mind what flavour I gave him – he chomped them down.  I’d recommend Feringa to other cat owners – they have a nice range of flavours … I reckon Enzo gives it a 5 out of 5… a clean bowl speaks for itself.”

Feringa is not just about the cute packaging (although we must admit, it is rather lovely!) We know our customers can see past savvy marketing and what they care about is the actual ingredients and how they can benefit their cat. That’s why we are recommending Feringa to owners who want the very best in natural nutrition for their pedigree felines and beautiful moggies. Feringa ticks all the important boxes in its bid to join the ranks of other super-premium cat foods…

95% Meat content from a single protein source

Grain free a species appropriate diet suitable for sensitive cats

Gently cooked to preserve nutrients and all important natural flavour

Added Taurine an essential amino acid for a healthy heart

Correct calcium-phosphorus ratio to reduce the formation of urinary crystals

Meet our gorgeous tester cat, Enzo!

Breed: Moggy and proud of it.
Age: 3 3/4
Weight: Enzo would rather not reveal this.
Is he a fussy eater? Not at all (see above answer).
What does Enzo normally eat? Applaws wet food and Hill’s Prescription biscuits for his bladder.


Has your cat tried Feringa yet? Let us know their opinion on this new brand in the comments below.

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